Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home Stretch

I'm not stressed out. Should I be? Really, I have 2 small essays for Rick's class, and then one last class discussion? No big. Sociology? Walk in the Park. My Pearl of Great Price final (I just typed midterm--I does not feel like the end of the semester)? I know it will be difficult, but really, to be honest, I don't really care anymore. Women Studies? I'm in denial that it's really scheduled on Friday. Anyway, my point is, my most difficult class and really the only one I really cared about these past few weeks is all done. Finished. There will possibly be an extra credit opportunity if Dr. Siegfried can get us a copy of the Tempest, but really I wouldn't complain because a) extra credit in a class that I really want to do well in, and b) more importantly, doesn't this just look and sound BEAUTIFUL? Goodness, I love film--especially Shakespeare adaptations.
So I'm not stressed out about finals. What I am worrying about are the goodbyes that are coming up. I hate packing, and I hate goodbyes. So much. And since I'm not a missionary for another 34 days, I'm finding it really hard to say so many so soon. If I was leaving in a week, I'd be perfectly fine with it. But right now, when Russia seems really far away and it still doesn't feel like Christmas, I don't want to pack up my life and say farewell to my roommates, my friends, my coworkers and classmates. This semester has just flown by and it's hard to believe all that has happened since the beginning of Fall. So instead of thinking about all the long hugs and (probably) crying and not fun stuff that's going to happen in the next few weeks, I'll just focus on the now, and how happy these pictures make me.

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