Saturday, May 2, 2015

More Than I Imagined

Jive 2006. Bohemian Rhapsody
Over 10 years ago, I walked onto the stage in Roper Auditorium for the first time. I performed on that stage so many times. I laughed, I cried, I acted, I sang, I danced. Being on stage was where I felt most confident in high school. I never really got nervous--just a huge adrenaline rush. But that stage was big, and that auditorium sat so many people.

I remember my first solo. It was the opening song in our "Mamma Mia!" medley for Jive Night 2005. 10 years ago. I stood at the back of the stage and when I walked forward in the lights to 1500+ people cheering and waiting . . . I was alive. It meant even more during my last Jive Night when one of my best friends and I sang "For Good" and it perfectly encapsulated those 3 years of my life.

Tonight I had the opportunity to see my little sister perform some of the same songs I did. It was a wonderful moment to look back on all those memories that I haven't thought about for such a long time. As she sat on that stage with her two best friends and sang "For Good," I knew how she felt, because once upon a time I felt those same things. And I was so proud of her. But I also kept thinking about everything she has in store for her, because I remember thinking 8 years ago that nothing could be better than Jive. But so much has been. I always treasure those moments, and they made me who I am today, but Jive was just the beginning.

So tonight after the show when I stood on that stage again and all the best high school memories came flooding back, I also looked at the past 8 years of my life--as well as the upcoming years. And looking out into the empty auditorium, I realized that it's so much smaller than it used to be.

Or maybe I'm so much bigger.
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