Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thoughts I Have Thought Today, In Order

Or, an abridged trip inside Rachel's head, on this day, 8/31/10

I'm tired.
My bed is really warm and comfortable.
. . . zzzzzzzz . . .
I like my blue shoes, but they're hard to walk in sometimes.
I love going to the temple.
I should come to the temple at this time every week.
I like cute boys. Actually, just one in particular. So I like cute boy.
My brother's face looks funny (you had to be there).
Yum. Last piece of leftover Landie-Pot pie.
Oh, my phone's vibrating. Is the Stake calling me?
Plato, you are slightly ridiculous.
My coworkers are awesome.
Work is actually busy now?
I like campus being busy.
Time to re-hone my people-watching skills.
Why didn't I bring my laptop to campus?
I feel really old compared to everyone around me.
Oh, my phone's vibrating. Is the Stake calling me?
This class is going to be AWESOME (Women Studies).
Why do all my classes rock?
Why do all the people in my life rock?
Why is my life so great?
Why am I so great?
I feel really young compared to everyone around me.
Sigh. The Stake isn't calling me today.
I want my mission call.
Back to work.
I like discussing English.
I'm famished.
I want cinnamon rolls.
I think I'll write a blog about how I just thought that.
I'm kind of funny sometimes.
Still hungry.
Is work over yet?
I think it's bedtime soon.

First Day

  • Work actually being alive and lively
  • Giving a freshman directions
  • Smiling at, and simultaneously being overwhelmed by, the general hoi polloi of students on campus.
  • Eating lunch, courtesy of my brother, at the MOA cafe
  • Preparation to have my mind blown in my 2 English classes
  • Falling in love with Dr. Siegfried
  • Remembering how awesome Rick is
  • Hanging pictures of England and friends in my room
  • FHE and making new friends and having Bishop confirm to me that my papers are into the stake office and crossing my fingers that they call me tomorrow
  • Getting back into a scholarly mindset, by staying on top of homework (already)
  • Talking on the phone for almost an hour with an amazing boy.
  • Reading scriptures--tomorrow I finish the Book of Mormon. Goal "read BoM before mission papers go in" is complete. Well, practically.
  • Going to cuddle up in my blankets and sleep.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here We Go Again

Another first Sunday. Another first day of classes. Another time of adjusting to a new schedule. Another time of making goals of time management and early to bed and early to rise and other things, which I progess on year to year, but never get up quite to where I want to. Another period of hopes and dreams and aspirations. Another return to the "old," the routine, after a summer of adventure and new.

And yet, the new things continue. Although school seems like the norm, I get to take new classes, meet new people. I have new roommates. The next 4 months are over the brim with new experiences that await me. Mission calls (possibly as soon as the 8th?), the temple, scholarly experiences, new relationships, new lessons--both life and academic.

It's just starting to click that school is starting tomorrow, that classes are beginning. It seems really weird--I think because I haven't moved, haven't really bought many things to prepare for school. It hasn't really set in that my mission papers are sent in to the stake, that all that needs to happen is me meeting with a member of the Stake Presidency (hopefully on Tuesday, or next Sunday). And THEN I WILL GET A CALL. I still sometimes can't believe other wonderful things going on in my life, or that I'm a senior in college, or that my little (read: taller) brother is down here in college

Isn't this the most awesome thing?!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy? Perhaps. But With Pride.

I. Love. Books. And I admit it. With pride. Anyone coming into my life needs to know that if they're going to live with me, put up with me, be part of me, that books come with it. I mean, there's the basics, the obvious things: I'm an English major, I love to read and write, I work in the library. But really, it's more than just that. It's a passion. It's a life-long obsession. It's an addiction.

It may be genetic, because I can't remember a time I didn't love books. My mom says that when I was a baby I would sit on the floor for ages looking at books--not even necessarily picture books. Sometime in Elementary school, probably 1st or 2nd grade, I remember pulling my mom's huge Riverside Shakespeare down off the shelf (she was an English major too) because I thought it was the prettiest book, and even that young you've at least HEARD of Shakespeare. I tried reading Midsummer Night's Dream, because, who doesn't love faeries, but I couldn't understand it. All I knew is that the book was beautiful, the words sounded awesome coming out of my mouth, and I felt really smart for reading Shakespeare. I've always identified with Belle from Beauty and the Beast in all her reading antics, and yes, like many girls I know, covet the library Beast gives her (and all the libraries in England that we saw that were like that one).

As I got older, I became the reading queen. I read at recess, or at least act out my favorite stories from books. Did you ever have to do AR? Most people hated it. I would rack up AT LEAST 600 points a year, getting over 1000 points in both 6th and 8th grade. I won probably the equivalent of $200+ in reading prizes. I would spend entire weekends doing nothing but reading. Stay until it's no longer physically possible reading? Did that more times than I can count (especially with Harry Potter). I don't know if anyone's had more overdue book fines at a library than I have. Not because I wouldn't read the books fast enough, but because I would check out 30 books at a time and hoard them and forget to turn them in. In addition, I didn't miss a day of writing in my journal from the summer of 2003 until 2007. I'd spend hours writing, both in my journal and on stories, and would carefully choose which journals to buy. In high school, I started to turn more to music, but at the end of my senior year, AP English was the only class I cared about--even over choir sometimes.

Now I'm an English major. My roommates immediately can tell I study literature, and even joke that I'm going to be killed by all my books falling on me in my sleep. I love to read for fun, but I love to read for deeper things too. I love everything about books--the content, the history, the stories, the stories behind the stories, what they teach me about myself and about humanity and God. Books are so interesting; a way to simultaneously escape yourself, your world and the people in it, while yet learning more about all those things. I love the way they look on shelves, and in piles and really anywhere, and the beauty of them. I love breathing in their smell--musty, yet fresh and friendly--as I walk in the stacks at work, or through the aisles of a bookstore. I love running my hands over their spines and pages and the way holding a book in my hand feels. I love hearing pages turn, and cuddling up somewhere in the sunlight to read. I love filling their pages with my own words and hoping that someday the things I write and say can change someone just the way that the words of others, books, have changed mine. Books just . . . take my breath away. I want lots of them: hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful books.

P.S. Sorry I'm so long-winded. I just like to say things. That is the whole reason I have a blog. And once I start writing, there isn't really anything that can stop me until I'm done because it's not like you can interrupt me or make me stop talking when I'm having a one-sided conversation with myself.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stupendous Sunday with Sergei

. . . and our new roommate Kate, but that doesn't have alliteration for my title.

Not this Kate. I just love this picture.

You have not experienced musical theater until you've heard Lisa and me singing songs like "Who am I?" from Les Mis and "Into the Fire" from the Scarlet Pimpernel in our man-voices. And we rock at playing and singing and being awesome. And we're funny. It's one of those things where you kinda just had to be there. So sorry, for all of you billions of people in the world who missed out. Also know that delicious chocolate and toffee cake was involved. And yummy potatoes and zucchini and squash. And the discussing of attractive actors and the monumentous (new word: mixture of monumental and momentous) erasure of a white board. And waffles this morning. Genius, I tell you.

And now it's only 9:15 and I'm EXHAUSTED. I guess that's what happens when you stay up ridiculously late every single night having wonderful times. And when you spend two hours singing and playing and laughing. So I'll just wait for an important phone call with a sleepy, but content, smile on my face. And then I'll go to bed, to wake up for another wonderful day tomorrow. Last week before classes start? Time to live it up. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


My friends, if you will please take note, this is the 4th day in a row that I have written a blog post. TAKE THAT, EVIL BLOG AVOIDANCE TENDENCIES! I think I am trying to 1) make up, both to myself and those of you readers, for the fact that I didn't post regularly for a while or 2) anticipating that I won't be posting a lot once classes start up, due to what will be a crazy-fun but insane-definitely-not-inane school load and not really having any free time between that and work and school and maybe trying to be social and getting ready for my mission. Or maybe 3) some sort of combination of the above.

Also. I have a problem. You see, I'm really funny. But not many people believe me. This is not helped along by the fact that when I went to post something witty on my blog, I promptly got caught up in looking at pictures and then the fact that this is my 4th day in a row posting and now I have forgotten what the really, really funny, awesome thing I was going to say was. Sigh.

So, instead, here are some things you may want to know about me but don't:

  • Like I said, I think I'm funny
  • I like surprising people and making them smile
  • In the winter when it's cold, my laundry room puts off a lot of steam that smells like dryer sheets and clean clothes. I want to kiss someone in that steam, eventually. I blame Siostra Tracy Allen (who leaves for Poland soon) and the movie Miss Potter.
  • I have the DuckTales theme song in my head and it is reminding me of blasting it and singing along with my best mate Lindsey on our way home from school . . . our senior year.
  • I am one of those crazy (read: AWESOME) people who likes to read literary criticism. Oh, yeah. Nothing like lots of good lit. crit. As long as it's well-written and interesting. Yes.
  • I feel like I'm always either serious or off-the-wall and like I don't really have an in-between stage.
  • Sometimes, when I think I look really good, I'll put on this "I Look Good" face. I discovered this freshman year here at the Y when Lisa told me about it. It usually happens when my hair is done or when I'm wearing red and/or a favorite piece of clothing.
  • I name some inanimate things, but not everything, and usually they are named after literary-bookish figure-people. My computer is Fred. My car is Emerson. I have a plant that I don't think I ever officially named but I think I've been calling him Fortinbras for the past little while (you see, he needed some sort of dramatic, Hamlet-y name, because he has an older brother named Horatio). My iPod, however, does not have a name. Neither does my cell phone.
  • I LOVE this.
  • (via)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

All Alone

Before I go here to spend my evening,

Let me think about how I get to see this girl on Monday for the first time in 4 months

And just reminisce on all these beautiful places and times.

You know, those times were wonderful and I like to look back on them and even wish I was there again sometimes. Still the best 2 months of my life. BUT the past week has definitely been one to rival some of those days. It has been fabulous. Life is good right now in so many ways. I can't wait to see what else it has in store for me. Um. And I get to see my soul mate Christine. It has been way too long. Why did she have to go away to Chicago for the summer? This is the longest I've gone without seeing her since I met her over a year and a half ago. I don't like it, not at all

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It's hard to keep some things quiet when all you want to do is shout it out to the whole world.

STERLING JAMES MASON gets home from his mission today. HAHA! Awesome. I want to pelt him with cream puffs before he can get to me. But before then I probably want to talk to him. He IS my older brother after all. And so much has happened lately.

Football season is fast approaching. Especially after reading these articles today after someone's post on Facebook, I'm interested in seeing what happens after this season, even though I'll be on my mission. Utah joining the PAC-10? BSU going the MWC? My own BYU going independent/WAC? Things are changing. I'm curious to see how everything plays out. But let's get through this season first. I'm a bit nervous, not going to lie. But very excited. First game on September 4th. I'll be there, wearing my WE ARE BYU FOOTBALL shirt, maybe with my face painted. Can't wait. Old friends, new friends and Cougar Football. RAH RAH RAH RAH RAH! GOOOOOOO COUGARS!

TWOWEEKSTWOWEEKSTWOWEEKSTWOWEEKS. And then just about another 2 weeks after that.

Friday is only a couple days away.

I'm not very patient, but some things--secrets, missionary friends, BYU football, mission calls and the weekend are definitely worth waiting for. As my dear friend Kent said earlier today, the things in life that are valuable cost a lot. They make the waiting worth it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things I Have Learned . . .

. . . (or re-learned) lately, in no particular order:
  • John Williams is The Man
  • Landie makes the best chicken pot pie
  • My management isn't as good as it used to be
  • I might be slightly allergic to mosquito bites
  • Muppet Treasure Island is an awesome movie
  • I am more-than-slightly allergic to Kate moving out of the apartment
  • Losing at Settlers can be fun
  • So are water fights in the kitchen
  • It's really inconvenient not having your own computer (hopefully I get mine back tomorrow!)
  • Ice cream tastes really good
  • Long, tight hugs are the best
  • The Book of Mormon is true, clear, wonderful . . . and beautifully well-written to top it all off.
  • Shopping for text books actually makes me really happy, usually because my text books are AWESOME. I less than three being an English major SO MUCH. Just saying. Shakespeare and Film with Dr. Siegfried--you are going to rock my socks.
  • Sterling James Mason, my older brother/best friend (well, one of a couple), gets home from Deutschland TOMORROW! Ah, I can't wait to give him a hug and tell him all this important stuff that is going on in my life and speak auf Deutsch with him.
  • Dance parties are also the best.
  • Um . . . I think that's it.
  • I need my computer to get this one picture that I had in mind for this post and can't find on the internets anymore. Sad day.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Apologies

I haven't been the best blogger lately. Blame it on trips home and then not having a computer. Here's my past week in a nutshell: Twin Falls, Australian accents, Shari's, best friends, family, forgetting things, Settlers, computer viruses, doctor and dentist appointments, TB and blood tests, driving, Provo, work, many late nights, phone calls, roommates moving out, roommates moving in, perfect weather days, Temple Square, dogs, friendly cops, stars, outdoor plays, naps, and ice cream. Needless to say, I'm wonderfully, pratically perfectly happy in lots of ways. Who wouldn't be after a week like this?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Iron Man

I saw Iron Man for the first time last night. I've been meaning to watch it for 2 years, and just never got around to it. And it was good. I really enjoyed it. And Robert Downey Jr. is quite the actor, although this isn't the best movie I've seen him in.

I have to admit though . . . the company was a lot better than the movie. :)

P.S. I am now 21. Weird much? Yes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gutter Streams

When I was little, I lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was there I learned so many primary songs in church; one of my favorites was "Give Said the Little Stream." But living in a city I didn't see many little streams. I had the great rivers of Pittsburgh. And I had what I thought were little streams, what the song was talking about: the water flowing through the gutter down the steep, tall hill we lived on.

I remembered my silly 4-year-old self with a smile just a few minutes ago. After stepping in a puddle that was deeper than I thought it was, I listened to the resting storm around me. Instead I heard the trickle of water flowing into the storm drain. Give, said the little stream.

This is what I have to give. My testimony. My words. Which is so meager after what God has given me. The past 21 years of wonderful. My family and friends. My life. This world. This gorgeous red-orange-gold sunset in the northwest. Beautiful dark blue gray clouds in the south and a hot pink sky in the north east. And all at the same time, with lightening all over the sky striking the mountains and illuminating the mist covering Timp. To complete it all, dinosaurs lovingly growling at each other, thundering.

Words just don't do it justice. But the stream, the water trembling and tinkling in the gutter, just might. Give. Or perhaps, instead, Gift.


Today is the last day of my 20-year-old existence.
Tomorrow is August 5, 2010, my 21st birthday. Weird.
The day after tomorrow is Friday, when I get to catch up with a best friend from high school and also maybe hopefully get to see someone I'd really, really like to see. It is also a HORRIBLE but wonderful movie. Horrible because it's just ridiculous dumb. Wonderful because it provided my freshman family with so many awesome jokes and a ridiculous fun night. "If the blood gets back to your heart too quickly, your heart could stop!" HAHAHAHA.
The day after the day after tomorrow is Saturday. It is the Saturday I am working and then driving home to Twin Falls for a couple days.

Life happens. It comes at you fast. And so you dance and laugh and love. And maybe actually get dressed after sitting around in your pajamas for 2 hours...