Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day

  • Work actually being alive and lively
  • Giving a freshman directions
  • Smiling at, and simultaneously being overwhelmed by, the general hoi polloi of students on campus.
  • Eating lunch, courtesy of my brother, at the MOA cafe
  • Preparation to have my mind blown in my 2 English classes
  • Falling in love with Dr. Siegfried
  • Remembering how awesome Rick is
  • Hanging pictures of England and friends in my room
  • FHE and making new friends and having Bishop confirm to me that my papers are into the stake office and crossing my fingers that they call me tomorrow
  • Getting back into a scholarly mindset, by staying on top of homework (already)
  • Talking on the phone for almost an hour with an amazing boy.
  • Reading scriptures--tomorrow I finish the Book of Mormon. Goal "read BoM before mission papers go in" is complete. Well, practically.
  • Going to cuddle up in my blankets and sleep.

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