Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today is the last day of my 20-year-old existence.
Tomorrow is August 5, 2010, my 21st birthday. Weird.
The day after tomorrow is Friday, when I get to catch up with a best friend from high school and also maybe hopefully get to see someone I'd really, really like to see. It is also a HORRIBLE but wonderful movie. Horrible because it's just ridiculous dumb. Wonderful because it provided my freshman family with so many awesome jokes and a ridiculous fun night. "If the blood gets back to your heart too quickly, your heart could stop!" HAHAHAHA.
The day after the day after tomorrow is Saturday. It is the Saturday I am working and then driving home to Twin Falls for a couple days.

Life happens. It comes at you fast. And so you dance and laugh and love. And maybe actually get dressed after sitting around in your pajamas for 2 hours...

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