Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thoughts I Have Thought Today, In Order

Or, an abridged trip inside Rachel's head, on this day, 8/31/10

I'm tired.
My bed is really warm and comfortable.
. . . zzzzzzzz . . .
I like my blue shoes, but they're hard to walk in sometimes.
I love going to the temple.
I should come to the temple at this time every week.
I like cute boys. Actually, just one in particular. So I like cute boy.
My brother's face looks funny (you had to be there).
Yum. Last piece of leftover Landie-Pot pie.
Oh, my phone's vibrating. Is the Stake calling me?
Plato, you are slightly ridiculous.
My coworkers are awesome.
Work is actually busy now?
I like campus being busy.
Time to re-hone my people-watching skills.
Why didn't I bring my laptop to campus?
I feel really old compared to everyone around me.
Oh, my phone's vibrating. Is the Stake calling me?
This class is going to be AWESOME (Women Studies).
Why do all my classes rock?
Why do all the people in my life rock?
Why is my life so great?
Why am I so great?
I feel really young compared to everyone around me.
Sigh. The Stake isn't calling me today.
I want my mission call.
Back to work.
I like discussing English.
I'm famished.
I want cinnamon rolls.
I think I'll write a blog about how I just thought that.
I'm kind of funny sometimes.
Still hungry.
Is work over yet?
I think it's bedtime soon.

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