Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here We Go Again

Another first Sunday. Another first day of classes. Another time of adjusting to a new schedule. Another time of making goals of time management and early to bed and early to rise and other things, which I progess on year to year, but never get up quite to where I want to. Another period of hopes and dreams and aspirations. Another return to the "old," the routine, after a summer of adventure and new.

And yet, the new things continue. Although school seems like the norm, I get to take new classes, meet new people. I have new roommates. The next 4 months are over the brim with new experiences that await me. Mission calls (possibly as soon as the 8th?), the temple, scholarly experiences, new relationships, new lessons--both life and academic.

It's just starting to click that school is starting tomorrow, that classes are beginning. It seems really weird--I think because I haven't moved, haven't really bought many things to prepare for school. It hasn't really set in that my mission papers are sent in to the stake, that all that needs to happen is me meeting with a member of the Stake Presidency (hopefully on Tuesday, or next Sunday). And THEN I WILL GET A CALL. I still sometimes can't believe other wonderful things going on in my life, or that I'm a senior in college, or that my little (read: taller) brother is down here in college

Isn't this the most awesome thing?!


Brooke said...

Wow congrats Rachel! I can't wait for you to get your call - you'll be an awesome missionary.

Whitney said... totally need to write me with your mission call!