Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

So, right after I emailed you last week, the Elders came upstairs (we email in the branch building) and say that there is a little boy crying downstairs and they need Sister Martyanova's help understanding him. He was lost and had just wandered into the branch building. After asking him what all is going on, we decide to take him back to the main train/bus station where he got lost. Then we call a member in our ward (he used to be branch president and he knows literally everyone and is the best), to see if he had any advice/could help us find Sasha's (the boy) mom. Miraculously--not only did he know Sasha's family, but his mom's phone number, and told us that his mom and his sisters were actually members of the Church! We called his mom, who told us to put him on a bus home to Mendeleeva, where he lives. We don't know if he got home okay, but he himself invited us over about 10 times ("Are you sure you don't want to come home with me tonight?") and so we're hoping to be able to help their family back in the ward. But it was just a miracle that Sasha found our building, that Roman knew his family, and that now we know of an inactive, part-member family we can hopefully work with! So that was a really cool, little miracle. In other news, we did a puppet show this week. And there was a ward activity to celebrate 20 years of the branch/ward/church in Russia! Wow. I was kind of disappointed with how many people were there, but it was really great. There were and are so many miracles taking this work forward here in Russia. So many great missionaries and members have worked so hard. It's hard to believe that before I was born, the Church wasn't officially recognized here. I am older than the Church in Russia. And yet, there's a stake here. One day (hopefully sooner rather than later), there will be a temple. I am just so grateful to be a part of the Lord's work, especially here in Russia. This is such a great place to be, especially right now. And that's about it for right now. Love you all!

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