Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

So there is a Russian song called "Wind of Change" that I've been learning the past few days, and seeing how this past week we started a new transfer, and I started a new journal and this will maybe-probably be my last transfer in ZGrad (but really, who knows?) that's this week's email title. 

Basically, I decided that because I started the world's prettiest journal this week, and it's not super long, I need to make sure that this transfer is the best one ever. And I have always felt that the last few months of my mission are going to be awesome because they're the months that I wouldn't be on my mission if I had gone right when I turned 21 and I felt like I needed to wait. So...this transfer is going to be awesome, because it's not allowed to right anything bad at all in a pretty journal. :)

And we have some potential investigators that I really hope become real investigators this week! Namely, Dima and Olya and their son. They are AWESOME! Last Wednesday, we had given our branch key to the Elders and needed to show up early to get some stuff done before English Club. But since we didn't have our key, we couldn't get into the building. So we decided to just pass out some English prigs, telling people that there would be free English Club in this building in like an hour. C. X2 started talking to some people and I was kind of standing on the other side of her and saw this couple that just looked super nice and special and I wanted to talk to them. But they were on the other side of all these people and it would have been physically impossible. I was a little disappointed, but that happens sometimes. But THEN. About a minute later, they turn around and walk back to us, just to ask us what we have. They were super interested, and took both and English prig and a church prig. Then we were preparing a spiritual thought and talking with Ksusha because she was the only person who showed up for our group. And at 7:15 we here someone, and we look up and this couple is standing in the doorway! They CAME! Not only did they come, but they stayed for the spiritual thought! And they said they really enjoyed it and are going to come back this next week with their son. Of course, not everyone who says that actually comes back, but I really think they will. I had a great change to talk to Olya, the wife, a lot during English Club and they are just awesome. They asked if I could teach piano, and...I don't know. I don't want to get my hopes up until they actually come back and we have their phone number and stuff, but...I just feel different about them. I have hope that maybe they will be the family that I have wanted to teach my entire mission, the people that I have wanted to find and teach. I have never felt like this about anyone I have ever met on my mission before. They are just so good, and have so much light and I think they are ready. I can't even describe it. I just felt like they were special from the moment I saw them, and was so excited when they came and talked to us and then when they actually came to English Club. So we'll see what happens. Pray for them (and us), that they will actually come back and be interested in learning more about the gospel. It's just different. You would think that after all this time being rejected and bailed on and having people say they'll come and then not that I wouldn't believe them--we even got a contact where she gave us "her" phone number and set up a time to meet with us, and then she didn't show up and the phone number wasn't right the day that we met Olya and Dima, but...I don't know. After all that you would think that this faith is not realistic, but I just know that great things are going to happen with them. Or if not with them, with someone else that we are going to meet soon. I just really want a baptism this transfer, I want to teach people. 

Other events this week. We got a special invitation to go down to Moscow for transfer meeting (usually you don't go to transfer meeting unless you're getting transfered) because the Gronnings are going home in a week and they were bearing their testimonies at transfer meeting. They are so great. I will miss them SO much. Especially since we won't get another senior couple up here/in the office until the end of March. Who will give me Sister Gronning hugs? Oh well. We also got a new Elder in our district! He's brand new and from Germany. Unfortunately, I have realized that all my German is completely SHOT. Ooops. 5 years of studying and stressing out about German class for nothing. Hopefully I can pick it up again when I get home. Right now I need to focus more on Russian. We had splits with the training sisters on Friday-Saturday, which was a lot of fun. On Saturday, a little girl in our ward who just turned 8 was baptized. Those baptisms are always so special. Sveta (who was just baptized before Christmas) gave her first lesson in Gospel Principles, which was sooo great, and has been talking to people at work about the church. A woman in our ward who is active in her heart, but has a hard time coming to church due to her two CRAZY CRAZY little boys and a non-member husband who works a lot, has come to church twice in a row, gave a talk yesterday, and had a great missionary opportunity to talk to a friend about the church. I don't know. When I look at our statistics from the past little bit, it has been a slow transfer. But I feel like there is so much that is going to happen this next transfer. :)

That's it for this week. Trying to stay warm, enjoying the beautiful winter, having fun with C. X2, and the missionary life! Ny, vot tak. :)

Sister Ashby

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