Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

There is not much to say this week. I honestly feel like I haven't done any missionary work. Not exactly my fault, but still frustrating.

Last Monday, President called to say that we need to be in Podolsk (as far away from Zelenograd as you can get in our current mission) the next day. The branch there was having an open house on Tuesday for Dignitaries/Government Leaders/etc. and they wanted us to come and do our puppet show on health that we have up here, as a way to show how we can serve in the community and stuff. So, we went down to Podolsk on Tuesday. 2 hours there, 2 hours back, plus taking time to eat, and do the puppet show and everything else, it was a whole day thing. Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of people there either. :( But it was a really fun day with the district, and you do what President asks, and if people had come, it would have been really important.

That night on the way home, we saw some of the craziest stuff that I have ever seen in Moscow. A huge fight broke out on the metro car we were about to hop on. We ran into Ksusha in the middle of Moscow. We saw a man laying on the ground covered in blood (the most blood I've ever seen in my life) and surrounded by people. It was pretty crazy.

So Tuesday we were in Podolsk, and Thursday we were in Moscow for transfers. That was also crazy. The office arranged for us to have a car to head down, since we had one whole companionship of Elders leaving and then C. X2, and then the other companionship of Elders would just head down a little later, because they needed to be there for a leadership meeting after transfer meeting. But there was a mix-up, and instead of sending us up the big luggage van, we got a little tiny car. There was barely enough room for everyone's luggage. Plus, the driver was late, so by the time we figured out everything and got all the luggage packed into the car, transfer meeting was starting in 30 minutes. And there was room for 1 person in the car. Obviously that doesn't work, so we hopped onto the train. Luckily, there was one about 3 minutes after we got to the station, or else we would have been like 2 hours late to transfer meeting instead of just 1. We called President, explained the situation, and, eventually, got to transfer meeting. When we finally got there, I got my new comp, Sister Thrall! She is a sweetheart! She is about 2-3 months older than me, and 2 transfers younger than me on the mission. So we've both been here for a while and are so excited to just work. We don't have to worry super a lot about the language, or about how to do work, and we can just go for it. Plus she is just so sweet and just a good example of everything. I'm really excited to be able to serve with her. It's kind of weird to be speaking English in the apartment again, but it is also a nice change to be serving with an American.

Then on Friday we went down to Podolsk AGAIN for the public part of their open house. That was just a long day--once again an all day thing. When we got home, I was just beat. And the next morning I woke up not feeling too great. I had a super killer headache, no energy, etc. At our last meeting as we were going, the mom gave me a hug and said that she thought that I had a fever. So...yeah. I was sick Saturday and yesterday. But we were still able to at least have a few meetings and do some work. I wasn't going to let just a little headache keep me from doing the little bit of work that I could do in my area this week.

So yeah. That's it. No other news. Things are good. I'm feeling better now, thank goodness. I am so excited for the goals that Sister Thrall and I have set for this transfer. I hope that we are going to see some miracles.

Love you all,
Sister Ashby

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