Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Since my mission, writing has been difficult. My first thought paper for John Bennion wasn't anything special, and my first big paper was like pulling teeth. But today has been a day full of little tender mercies having to do with writing.
  • Taking 45 minutes out of my day to just do a rush-write, just for me (well, for an England thing, but it was mostly for me). Putting off homework just to write? Good life decision.
  • A professor I really respect telling me that he think I'd make an awesome Writing Fellow and convincing me to actually apply.
  • Another professor I really love giving me great comments on a thought paper--made me feel so good about my writing, especially since I wrote it at 2 a.m.
  • Just thinking a lot about writing, kind of randomly today. About previous things I've written, about ideas I've had for new personal essays, etc. 
I think it's time to start writing more, both academically and for me personally. Only problem: TIME.

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