Wednesday, September 4, 2013


So the title of this started of as something like "Well..." but you know how you can say it with a "wh" sound sometimes, and then add a p at the end? So I wanted to do that and it somehow ended up as "whelp." I did not intend to title this post after a young animal or impudent child.

Basically, I had all these ideas to blog about and just get me writing again, but then I just kind of started living life and forgot about my blog, which I actually don't want to do. I mean, the forgetting about the blog thing. I want to live my life. Quite fully, actually. And now school is in full swing (yes, already, 2nd day of classes and I'm going to die). So we might not be seeing much. Maybe I'll force myself to blog during study breaks at least once a day or something.

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