Monday, March 9, 2009

It Might as Well be Spring...

...or I wish it would be, anyway. The past few weeks were so nice. I wasn't fooled because the ridiculousness that is winter always comes back until the end of April, sometimes later. This nice week of perfect weather always happens, both here and in Twin, at the end of February and then goes back to the gray and the snow. Yet it was longer and warmer this year. I LOVED IT! And now, after a few days of snow that quickly melted (aka wet snow that was on the ground in the morning and gone when I got out of classes a few hours later) and then being slightly warmer than usual winter temperatures (but still cold, mind you), it is back to snowing, and sticking. Hard. Ugh. All I did was take a nap in the library, down in Periodicals. When I woke up, I turn around and glance out the window and BAM. Snow is falling all around, on the rooftops, on the ground. Luckily it's not falling on my eyes, and hands, and nose yet, since I haven't left the library. I might not leave. Maybe they'll let me just stay here over night and that way I don't have to go out into the cold. It's just so gray and depressing outside and it doesn't show signs of stopping. It doens't help that the warm weather was so wonderful and I could walk around in shorts and flip-flops and a t-shirt without a jacket. And now we're back to this. I knew the cold was coming back, but that doesn't make it any better. I've also had the State Fair song "It Might As Well Be Spring" stuck in my head. Spring fever is coming. Well, it's been here for a while, but is in ever more full-fledge now.

Since we're talking about spring...7 weeks from today I will be in Scotland! Every few days I'll think about it and pull out my phone and count the days. We're under 50 now! Hooray! I'm so excited, I cannot even tell you. I'm one of the piano players for our trip, so I get to help put together the musical firesides that we're doing, and since there's 2 of us, I'll get to switch off and sing some too! And we started our prep course and there is so much that is just getting me so excited for it. 49 days until ENGLAND!

On a deeper, more serious note, whenever I'm in the library at this time, I can always hear the Star-Spangled Banner play as the ROTC takes down the flag, since the flag is within a 30-second walk from me (that is, if the wall of windows and the bushes that divide me from it weren't there). I'm so glad to live in this great country of ours.

Idaho update: I'm going home to Twin the last weekend in March. It's pretty final now. It'll be my 3 day Spring Break that doesn't take me any place warm, doesn't get me out of school, and probably just makes me more behind, but my time management is horrible during the weekends anyway, so I don't feel too badly. Plus it'll just be nice to go up and see my family and Lindsey.

That's about all my thoughts for right now. Well, okay, it's nowhere near all my thoughts. I've been thinking a lot about all these questions I've had for Novel lately, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to know those. :)

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