Monday, July 12, 2010

All This Really Happened. Except the Dreams. But I Really Dreamed Those in my Sleep...

For the past couple nights, I have had the weirdest, most vivid dreams I've had in a long, long while. Here are some excerpts.

  • Buying rice from a sketchy old lady in a tourist bus, who ends up being a vampiress who tries to eat me. A very thrilling, exhausting, interesting definitely-not-real persuit ensues.
  • Being called to the Ireland/Scotland mission. (And then waking up with the distinct feeling that I will get my call in 2 months and be called to Sweden).
  • Taking a test (which was actually a graded crossword puzzle...Friday skill level) in the HFAC, which was burning down, while playing Rhapsody in Blue. Ian Fornshell, my arch-nemesis/friend from elementary/junior high/high school was there--dreadlocks and tie-dye jumpsuit and flute and all.
  • And a couple others, including the World Cup, and one I told Sarah about that I can't remember.
Also, this weekend I witnessed the magnificent events of Caber toss and and Sheaf (although I could have sworn they were saying SHEEP, which would actually be quite awesome) toss. Who knew that Payson, UT had a Scottish festival? And I've decided headbands are a trend I can get behind. That way, I'll actually be doing something cute with my hair without actually doing anything with my hair! AND good food is still going on--Guru's, Landie's pot pie...yum. And Beth and I had a great time meeting Raine. Yes. That actually happened. All of it.

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