Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hair Adventures

The time has come for Rachel to start possibly trying to do something with her hair.

It all started with headbands. I saw girls--coworkers, friends, random people on campus--wearing these really cute headbands. I decided this was a trend I could get behind; headbands are cute, come in many different varieties, (most of the time) are completely painless, and they make it look like I'm doing things with my hair without actually really doing anything with my hair! The first one I bought in Vegas, when I was adventuring with Tracy, kind of on a whim, but it sold me to the headband idea. The next two I bought at the farmer's market.
Then today I decided to attempt something I'm pretty sure the world thought it would never see. Instead of just pulling my hair back, as was the plan, I curled it first. I didn't really put all that much effort into it, as I knew it was just going back anyway, and it really takes forever to really truly curl my hair. So it's more wavy than actually curls. And really, it doesn't look the best. But considering that this is the first time I've curled my own hair all the way through . . . not too shabby, I say.


T said...

I wish I had luscious locks like you. And yes, I am commenting on your blog while sitting five feet away.

Liz said...

I am so proud of you!! :)

Michele said...

The headbands look so pretty and fun, and your hair looks marvelous casually curled. Glad you're having fun and trying something new!

Megan said...

Whoa there, beautiful! I really want to jump on the headbandwagon too, but for some reason I feel like I'm in elementary school again, where head bands and hairbows/flowers were all the rage. It look so good on other people, but somehow I feel juvenile, and Matthias agrees. But, we're sure trying to find something to break the ice.

In case you are interested, here are really easy ways to make your own flowers to put on headbands/clips.


And yes, one of them does use fire!