Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011


Don't worry about the slow weeks. It happens. And yes, for the most part things are really as good as they say they are. Of course it's been a little weird without C. X, but C. Mordwinow and I are doing just fine. More than fine. Yes, I miss C. X a lot (more her friendship than her leadership), but C. M and I are great friends too. Plus, she's great at Russian--she studied it for 2 years at BYU and has already been the one in charge before--she trained one of the sisters I was in the MTC with. We are getting along just fine.

Sandra, the young lady with the messy house, actually went out of town right after we helped her and she doesn't get back until the beginning of August, so we haven't met with her. But hopefully when she gets back she is still interested, but she was very interested before hand. She came into contact with us because she saw our senior couple on the metro and chased them down and wouldn't let them leave until she had their phone number and she had theirs. Also, her house was very very very far from being clean when we left. 

The big thing this week was Margaret. I mentioned her in my email last week, but I don't think I put her name. She had a few lessons with us. On Thursday we met with her and brought up baptism and left her a Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet. She called me on Friday night saying that she wants to be baptized! In the process of trying to find her a ride to church, we found out that she lives in Perovo, not Kahovski (but she's right on the border). So we passed her to the Perovo sisters, whom I love a lot, and have had a few lessons together. Although she orginally wanted to be baptized this next Satuday, she's not quite ready, so we're hoping next Satuday. But anyway, even though we had to pass her and she's technically not ours anymore, she's hopefully getting baptized soon! Whoo! I'm so excited for her! 

Had some run-ins with a few interesting people this week. Two cute young moms at a fountain. They had the cutest babies and were interested, but we either wrote their phone number down wrong or they weren't as interested as we thought and they gave us a wrong number. :( On one of our lessons with Margaret, a homeless man named Fyoder started to listen and then tried to tell us why Provoslavni/RUssian Orthodox church is the right one. ANd then Sunday we were also stopped by a young boy, probably about 12, who is training to be a Provoslavni priest at the church right by our church building. He wanted to ask us where in the Bible it says that "John" Smith is a prophet. So it's been kind of interesting. :)

Other than that, just going. I never want to leave! Luckily I still have a year left. Love you all!

Sister Rachel

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