Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

So, first things first. Since not everyone who will be reading this talked to me on Wednesday, the really exciting news for this week is that on June 5, Elder Nelson will be organizing the Moscow Russia STAKE! The first stake in Russia! It is coming much earlier than we thought it would and is truly a miracle. These Saints have been waiting so long for this. This means the fullness of priesthood keys, a patriarch, the possibility for a temple here, independence from SLC, and so many things for these wonderful Saints.

SO...let's see...I also don't have much to tell you, since I just talked to you, but there are some cool things that have happened since then/before then that I didn't talk to you about.

Saturday there was a baptism, and miraculously, Tanya was able to come! She really enjoyed it and is really interested in the Church. She's determined to find out for herself whether or not it is true and told us that she's not ready for baptism yet (which we already knew) and that this is something she has to do on her own, so she'll read and come to Church, but doesn't want to meet with us for missionary lessons. She said that she's set aside the 3 hours of church and then English club, and that she doesn't have a lot of extra time for meetings. It seems really backwards that we need to convince someone why it's important to meet with us, while still finding out on their own. 

Monday we had a Preach My Gospel Marathon, where we ate delicious food, played games, laughed, studied, had the missionaries who are leaving on Friday bear testimonies, etc. It is crazy that missionaries are leaving. Transfers are tomorrow, and even though I'm not getting transferred, it's very crazy to think that I've been here that long already and that I'm not one of the newest missionaries anymore. After our long meeting at the Central Building, we went over to the Craythorns' (they're the wonderful senior couple serving in our branch that got here just before I did) for a lsson with Okcana (Like Roxanna without the R). She's been coming to English Club for a long while, but told us she was finally interested in meeting with us after Sister Craythorn gave the spiritual thought at English Club about how the Gospel can bless families. Okcana only has her mom, but she loves children and wants to have her own big family one day. We gave her the first lesson with Sister Craythorn and Olga both there, and it was so wonderful. You could tell she was very touched. It is just hard to meet with her because she works 2 jobs and is very busy, but we're hoping that we'll be able to. We will see her tonight at English Club, so we're going to see how the Book of Mormon is coming and try to set up another appointment then. 

Anyway, that's about it. There are a lot of miracles happening here in Moscow right now, and I'm so honored that I get to be a small part of them and help build the Lord's kingdom here. It's tough sometimes, since no one seems to have time to meet with us and it's hard to talk to people, especially in a different language, but the small victories make it all worth it. This Church is true!

Sister Rachel

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