Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

Hello everyone! 

Yep, this is my last day here in Moscow. It hasn't been a very eventful week, but we had a good day yesterday as a nice way to end the transfer. As far as I know, things up in Zelenograd are very similar to here. It's just a smaller city, but we still have English Club and do things pretty similarly. I'll let you know more next week once I've actually been there. I'm very excited though--I've only heard great things about being up in ZGrad. Meaning that everyone who has served there LOVED it and tells me how awesome it is. But yes. Normal schedules are basically the same everywhere in Russia, as far as I understand. During the summer when it's warm, people go to their dachas (cabins, country houses, whatever), or leave on vacation to the south or whatever. And now that school and work are back up, and it's getting colder, people are back here in the towns.

Haha, you still have a long time before you and Mom can go on a mission. Good luck waiting that long, but all of the senior couples here are awesome, so you'd fit right in. HAHA--you'd be a "senior couple." ;) We won't talk about how old I'll be in 18 years...

My feet are just fine. I haven't had any problems besides the blisters I had when breaking in my new shoes, and that was a long time ago and now they're more than fine. 

That's great that Lorinda and Scott live up by Boise and that they're coming to Twin for the temple. I have a visa trip to Kiev next week, but I won't get to go to the temple this time around. However, I'm still excited to see more of Kiev, especially with my MTC district.

If you want to look up things on Google Earth, I have been living on Kolomenskaya metro station for the past 6 months. That's about as specific as I want to get, since this is going on my blog...But we also are on Novokuznetskaya all the time, because that's where the central building is. And Kantemirovskaya. If you want to just go and look up all the meeting houses in Moscow and then take the area that's in the south between those two church buildings, that's where I've been. I will for sure keep you updated on the new happenings on my end of things--there will be a lot of them next week,I'm sure. 

Other than that, things here have been slow, as usual. We had as many meetings yesterday as we did all of last week total. Most of that was going to members I wanted to see before I left the ward. There are so many great members I will miss so much. We don't have a lot of investigators right now, but the few that we do meet with I will miss. It's weird to be packing up, to have had my last Sunday in Kahovski, to think that I won't go see Tatiyana Karpushena every week anymore. Have I told you about her? She is an AWESOME babushka in our ward. Mostly, though, I'm ready to leave. There are a lot of people I will miss, but it's time for a change and I know that I need to be in ZGrad. 

Um...sorry I don't really have anything super exciting from this past week to report. I will definitely let you know how everything is going this next week. It will be a big one, between moving and the musical fireside and ZGrad and whatnot.

Love you all!
Sister Rachel

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