Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011

Sounds like everything is crazy back home with the first day of school! Michael emailed me about how BYU won against Ol' Miss! Whoo! Go Cougars!

Random Russian stuff: There was a fire in our trash dumpster the other night. No worries, it's pretty far from our actually apartment and wasn't too big, but it was kind of funny. We helped a girl move--a bunch of plastic bags on the metro; residence isn't the most permanent thing here. Today Sister Mordwinow and I went inside St. Basil's Cathedral and ended up running into a guy from Salt Lake on Red Square. It was so bizarre. He asked me if we were missionaries and I was like, "Wait...he's speaking English to me. Wait...he knows missionaries" Don't worry. It's not weird to here people speaking English to me--it's just weird to here people out on the street who I don't know speaking English to me.

There's not a lot to write about this week. Things are back on the rise--now that summer is over and people are back from their dachas (cabins/country houses) and people have a more set schedule things should get better. We had more people at English Club (including a few new people) last week than we had the last few weeks combined, I feel, so hopefully it's a good sign. We've had more lessons lately, too, and have a few people who might become investigators soon. There is a girl my age from English club who we have been getting to know, and who really loves her family and she said she would be interested in coming to church this next Sunday, so we'll see where things go with her. 

After a really frustrating lesson with one of our few investigators (but not progressing) that was more of an argument sadly, we went back a few days later, not sure how much longer to meet with her. But it ended up being a great lesson on the priesthood and authority and, surprisingly, she said something to the effect of "I think there should just be one church that everyone can believe in and follow," which was surprising, since she usually says that she thinks all churches are good and true, which they are...just not fully. So hopefully things will be going up there too.

And our musical fireside is going great! We'll have 10 numbers, mostly missionaries but a few members, and almost all of them we've been able to get a hold of and confirm that they'll be playing. If we can rent some trumpets, we have 3 Elders who will be playing a trio, but they're kind of expensive so we're not quite sure. A couple people singing, a sax player, some pianists, a guitar duet...Sister Mordwinow and I will be singing For Good, and then I'm also accompanying another Sister when she sings. But it should be great! We're so excited for it, especially since other people are excited for it and we feel like we're doing something useful. :)

But actually, all of these beginnings happening here in Kahovski aren't really relevant. Important, of course, because every part of missionary work all of the world is important. But yesterday I found out that in a week (from tomorrow), I'm getting transfered! Yep. After almost 6 months being here in Kahovski, I'm leaving. I'll be going up to Zelenongrad. It's one of the few places in our mission that isn't the city of Moscow itself, and they usually don't have sisters down in Podolsk. I'm really excited, and I'll be companions with Sister Martyanova, one of our native sisters! So that will be awesome. It's bittersweet--I have had so much fun with Sister Mordwinow and I love her so much, and I love our ward so much, and there are so many people I will miss, but at the same time, it is definitely time for a change. 

Anyway, more next week! I'll still be in Moscow then, and then off to ZGrad!

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