Friday, August 2, 2013

Last Day

Well, it's come around again. My last day in Moscow. As I've already said many times, it's less sad this time around. There have certainly been a lot less tears. I am kind of hoping that I do cry on the plane tomorrow. The ever-emotional part of me is feeling like I will have lost some of my attachment to Moscow and Russia if I don't cry. But really, I'm feeling fine. This morning I got up feeling ready to hop on a plane. I am ready. I am ready to go to the temple. I am ready to see my roommates and other friends and be in my cute little Lookout House and be with my family and get back to a normal life.

My plans for the day involve me going to work to pick up a present they have for me (they are really so nice, I have felt so needed and appreciated the past little while), dropping something off at the Central building, eating a last Russian meal at Teremok, and then wandering around center. I really want to see Red Square at night, because I love that place. I love this entire city.

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Michele said...

I'm sorry you had to leave Russia, but I'm so glad you had a wonderful time there. And I can't wait to keep hearing about your adventures in the house throughout the year.