Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not-Pretentious Miracle of my Life

I wish I could talk about all the miracles that have happened to me this weekend since leaving Moscow. But I'm actually supposed to be writing a paper right now, so I'll keep in short.

  • A lovely guard in the luggage storage room at the Kiev airport, who thought I was actually from Moscow at first, chatted my ear off, made sure I knew where I was going, and told me how to be safe. 
  • Being in the temple. And with Habibullina, no less. In Kiev.
  • Understanding a temple session in Ukrainian and doing parts of it in Russian too.
  • Church with a lot of senior couple missionaries.
  • Miraculously making my 2nd flight to Wroclaw. Really, if you knew the whole story, it's such a huge birthday miracle.
  • Being in the fairy-tale city that is Wroclaw with one of my favorite people Tracy Allen.
  • Finally being 24. My body has finally caught up to my brain and soul on this one. It's weird. I have definitely thought I was 24 for a while now.
And here I am, sitting at a Starbucks, looking out onto the Rinok in Wroclaw, listening to Polish (so it's not Russian, but it's Slavic and everything Slavic just makes me so happy) reading a bunch of lit and historical crit on feminism in 19th-century Russia and writing a paper on how Turgenev's Fathers and Children shows the necessity of women in rebuilding society and making social change. And it's so beautiful and I can't believe that I have been so blessed. Last night Tracy and I were talking about how sometimes we are afraid to sound pretentious when we talk about our lives. Because we really like to do things that are usually associated with being pretentious. But we take them and make them more real and down-to-earth and not pretentious. At least I hope so. 

My life is unreal, guys. So, so blessed. This summer has really helped me reinforce the fact that my whole life and everything that has happened to me is one big miracle from Heavenly Father. Miracles miracles miracles.

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