Thursday, January 14, 2016

Long Week

Grad school is hard, guys. Let me rephrase. It's not that grad school itself isn't hard, but my program is hard. There are so many pros to it, but I think one of my friends in the program experienced it best:

MA student in a 2-year program (MA1): So do you think you're going to take this class?
Friend of MA1 who is in the same program (MA2): I really want to, but it will be my 3rd class this quarter.
MA1: Oooo, 3 graduate classes? That's a lot in one quarter.
MA2: And I'm working on my thesis, too.
MA1: Yeah, you shouldn't do that.
My friend: *Turns away and sinks into her chair BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT EVERYONE IN MY PROGRAM IS DOING*

To put it another way: after talking to many, many people in my program this week and asking them how they are doing, only 1 person said anything resembling "good." 1. And he is also sick. So . . .

It's been rough.

I enjoy all of my classes well enough, I'm fairly excited about my thesis topic, it's been wonderfully frigid outside. But I just don't have the energy to go and go and go non-stop. Who do you think I am, Alexander Hamilton?!

But there have been a lot of little victories this week that I should acknowledge.
  • Monday I got out of bed and made it through the day. It was also really beautifully cold and snowy and I loved it (read: that was really the only good part of the day. Besides coming from behind to win at Settlers at FHE)
  • Tuesday was really fantastically productive, which was a huge deal, especially after how terrible Monday way. I also emailed some potential thesis advisors.
  • Wednesday I didn't freak out in my seminar class and pushed through a long day despite being tired.
  • Thursday I met with not 1 but 2 potential thesis advisors, who both gave me great insight. One flat out said he'd be willing to work with me and the other said that he promised he never would (he's emeritus so he can do that) but that my project is tempting and he'll let me know. !!!
  • Friday hasn't happened yet, but I don't have any scheduled academic commitments and no work, so I'm just going to have brunch with some friends and take care of myself and clean and do laundry and buy groceries (those 3 are really big adult deals) and meet with the sisters.
So I'm really just surviving, but somehow coming out on top anyway. God sure loves me. 

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