Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey, Roommate(s), Stop Eating my Food!

It's true. At least one of my roommates has been eating stuff that is mine.

A couple days ago, I finally bought more bread. I went to make toast and discovered that I was mostly out of spreadable butter, when I was almost certain I had half a container left. But I thought nothing of it, simply believing that I was crazy and had imagined things and had used more butter than I originally thought.

Real-life scenario #2: Today I go out to the kitchen to get breakfast. Honey-nut Cheerios. My family knows I never eat cereal--it's alright if you gulp it down before it gets all soggy. Anyway. LAST WEEK, I bought a box of my Honey-nut Cheerios. I couldn't eat an entire box of cereal in a week if I wanted to. And I don't. I've had maybe--MAYBE--3 bowls of cereal since I bought this. And lo and behold, this morning, there was hardly anything in my box. Probably about enough for 2 bowls. Yeah.

I'm not imagining things. Someone who is not me is eating my food. If you are breaking into my apartment and eating stuff, please let me know.


Emma said...

it's me. sorry...i love honey-nut cheerios.

Lisa said...

Whatever, Emma. Paris is too far away to steal honey-nut cheerios. We both know it's me.