Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Because procrastinating Deutsch homework is my most favorite least favorite thing to do, I figured if I'm going to facilitate that process, I should be at least updating my blog, since I haven't written a post in about a week. Update:

September 11: 8 years. I can't believe it's been that long. All day, the ROTC had someone guarding the flag. I spent more time just starting up at the soldiers from down in Periodicals in my usual spot by the windows than I did doing homework. I pondered on the events from 8 years ago, as I actually do quite often. And I felt proud to be an American. I may not approve of everything my country does and all my leaders do, but I love my country, and am so happy that I'm finally feeling connected to it again.

Classes: Floral design labs start next week. Professors are already talking about exams, which makes me feel a lot more behind than I really am. I've done surprisingly well on my Deutsch work, which makes me feel less crappy at Deutsch and gives me hope! :D 292 with Westover is simply a treat, and we just finished up Wordsworth, which was a treat. Reading Tintern Abbey after you've been there . . . it's as if I WAS Wordsworth, reminiscing on the events and how I've changed since then with him. Oh my, I love William Wordsworth. Now we're on to Coleridge. "Kubla Khan," which of course, brought back the memory of chanting it demonically with my study abroad family in the lobby of the ghetto hostel in Grasmere. :) Writing with John Bennion is awesome awesome awesome. It never ceases to be the highlight of my day. Only problem: tomorrow is writing groups, which means I have to bring a short writing piece to workshop in class. I have no idea what I'm going to bring in. I haven't felt much like writing in the past couple days. I need to go to the MOA and perhaps look at some art or go play a real piano in the HFAC to get inspiration. Or go spend lots of time out in nature instead of with Harold and Fred (aka the Library and my laptop). Oh, and D&C is wonderful. My professor is fabulous.

President Monson: One of the things I love most about being at BYU is the fact that we have the wonderful opportunity to listen to the prophets speak just for us. This isn't a CES fireside broadcast around the world. This is the prophet of the church coming to the Marriot Center to speak to the students of BYU. Even so, I invite you all to look up the talk that our beloved President Monson gave today. It was HILARIOUS, for one, and, more importantly, very beautiful and spiritually uplifting.

Seasons: It's changing. It's been cooler lately. Yesterday during writing we had a beautiful thunderstorm that, while I wanted to be out in it, I was glad I was inside because I was wearing my Rocketdogs--aka NOT GOOD RAIN SHOES. But today when I'm prepared with my waterproof hiking shoes . . . nothing. Oh well. It's lovely outside. Not too hot, not too cold. A cloudy, stormy sky is perfectly contrasted with the bright green trees and grass. The colors are starting to change. The mountains are more rusty-colored. The trees are beginning to turn yellow. And everyonce in a while, a ray of sun will burst through the clouds illuminating the scene , bringing shadows to life and adding vibrance to the so-beautifully-dreary-and-almost-England-like cloudy day.

But hey! I need to be home by 6, because Amelia is probably coming by around then to drop me off stuff for my new calling--Relief Society instructor. Whoo! In other words, time to leave the library. Auf Wiedersehen, Freunde (well, I guess most of you are probably Fruendinnen...)


Emma said...

yay! i'm so glad you are taking westover! julie and i definitely had professor crushes on him.

Lisa said...

Emma! I had a professor crush on him too! Except it went away halfway through the semester, thankfully. I needed to get over that one.

Rachel, I spend all of next week in the Lake District. And I will be thinking of you the whole time.

Rachel said...

Hey! I have a professor crush on him too. And I am jealous. Emma is taking pictures in Paris and Lisa is going to the Lake District. And I am in Provo.

Sarah said...

Hey, for your new calling are you teaching out of the manual or doing Conference talks?

Rachel said...

Beide, meine Liebe. Ich lehre zwei Mal dieses Semester, ein von Konferenz und ein von die Manual.