Thursday, September 3, 2009


In my floral design class, there is a boy named Gary. I don't know how old he is, or his last name, nor have I ever met him in person. But I do know where he's from.

He's from London.

He had a question for our professor earlier today so he talked to her, and then she pointed him out in class because she thought his question was good, and she wanted everyone to hear his accent. Then he kept asking questions and making comments, so I got to hear this lovely British accent probably about 5 times over the course of an hour and a half.

Sigh. It made me incredibly happy and incredibly England-sick. :)


tracy said...

Oh that sounds like heaven and torture in one package. I think you should introduce yourself.

Bentley Snow said...

LOL. I didn't need your name on most of these posts to know it was you, Rach. I love it all :)