Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of Being an Upper Classman

Here it is. I am officially and upper-classman. Not just "not a freshman." Not just living off campus. Not just a junior by credits. But today . . . today it is like I am finally a REAL adult. Today was my first day of classes as a 3rd year student--junior by both credits and years. And, let me tell you, it's AWESOME.

1) Job possibility. Today I woke up and went to an interview for an English TA position, which went okay. I'm really not sure at all how I did. I felt like it went too fast, but you know, maybe that's a good thing. I just really want this job. I need a job, and this will be perfect: not quite as much money as I was looking for, but it'll be enough, plus it's something I would enjoy immensely. Helping students new to the English major realizing that it's not just reading books--it's so full of so much more wonderful stuff of gladness. He interviewed 14 people, which sounds like a lot, but really isn't all that many when you consider how many probably applied. And I made the short list! But I find out tomorrow, so I'll keep you updated.

2) Classes. Let me just give you a preview of what my semester is looking like. After my interview, I spent 2 blissful hours of classtime in my favorite building, the JFSB. Writing with England peeps, so we get to make new memories. I have just missed being around them all. And then Engl 292, later British Literature, which I am SO excited for. I have missed studying literature so much. German, which will be fun, but will also kick my trash. Up for tomorrow is Floral Design, D&C, and mehr Deutsch. Also, choir auditions. Sort of a last minute thing. I wasn't going to try out again, but it just felt like something I should do, so I went and signed up for prelims on Friday, did them Saturday and then audition for Sister Applonie during my Floral Design class tomorrow because I got times mixed up, but it'll all work out, no worries.

3) Friends. They're just fabulous. Plus I got a random compliment from a random guy I didn't even know while I was walking up to campus today. Totally made my day. Yay BYU boys. :)

So yep. Good day. Life rocks. :)


Kimberlyjewel said...

I hope you get the job!! It sounds like it would be perfect for you!!! And you should just expect compliments from random guys, because you're just awesome like that!! "And all the boys are like...UAHHHHHHHH!!!"

tracy said...

Diddo about BYU boys.

Lisa said...

Good luck with el job-o. (That's Spanish and English and Lisaish all at once.) And I'm glad you had such a good first day. Sounds like a pretty darn good semester. :) Luhv. Yew.

Whitney said...

You are making me campus-sick!