Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick update and some Blogging plans

I like lists. They keep me from rambling on too much.

1) LAST DAY OF WORK! LAST DAY OF WORK! Hopefully Chelsi calls me back sometime tomorrow about transferring down to a store in Prorem (aka Provo and/or Orem)
2) Wisdom teeth out on Friday morning
3) Driving back down to Provo on Monday
4) Last night = Jive reminiscing with Tysh and Risa. Awesome. I miss them and their coolness and Jive and it's coolness. So much fun. We laughed so hard and danced and sang and it was great. Coming soon: Elite Jive. Combination of the best of the best Jivers, in one Jive group.

Now. Blogging plans. In order to get some of my thoughts about essays organized for fall, and because I have some writing that I want to test out on some people, so for the next little bit, I'm probably going to be going through my journal from England and blogging some passages from it. So you'll be getting stuff about art and music and plays and thoughts and literature and England and wonderful and that was mostly not written at the moment of post, but will probably be edited and/or added to just a little bit. But yep. Helpful to me, interesting to you (hopefully!). TA-DA!


Sarah said...

Good luck with your wisdom teeth on Friday. I only had two, but that's no indicator of how puffy/swollen/hurt your mouth and cheeks will be. My brother had all four and he healed faster than I did.

Now on that happy note, I am so excited to see you back in Provo! You being away from me in the summer was like I was Harry Potter without my wand. No joke. :)

Love, love, love!

Rain-girl said...

Oo...I'm excited to read your future posts! Sounds interesting.