Friday, August 21, 2009


You know what's frustrating? When you waited too long to get a drink and brush your teeth and now it's after midnight and you can't eat or drink anything because you get your wisdom teeth out in 9 hours and if you eat or drink anything now, they won't be able to put you under. Sigh.

And you know what's beautiful? This: As in, the most recent post on my dear friend Bentley's blog. That is what I have felt like for the past 2 months. That is what I felt like in London after the trip ended. Yes, I was with my mom, but THEY weren't there. Yes, I love England, but it just wouldn't be the same now without THEM. But Bentley captured that emotion in a way I couldn't. He went on one of his epic journeys, and took us all with him, even if we weren't physically there. And he wrote about it, and let me know that I'm not alone in the feeling of love that I have for everyone who went on the program with me.

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