Monday, January 3, 2011

Lessons from 2010

  • It's all about the Lord's timing. And even when you feel so lost and confused, it's possible to still feel comfort and that everything will work out, as long as you are relying on Him.
  • Along with the Lord's timing, patience is everything. Patience is a key part of progression.
  • Life about creation. That is our purpose, especially as women--to create. It is a principle of the gospel, an eternal heritage, and power and identity comes through the work, the act of creating.
  • There are always reasons to what the Lord wants us to do, and if we follow His guidance, we are better in the long run.
  • Satan works hardest on those preparing for a mission, the temple, and especially both. I never believed/realized the extent of it until it was actually me.
  • Love conquers all. It is the driving force behind the Atonement, and hopefully my own life as well. 
  • It would take a very special man for me to fall head-over-heals and be interested in dating again, but he was/is out there.
  • God's sense of humor directly affects my life. He thinks I'm really funny and lovingly laughs at me. When I say I don't have time for something, He gives it to me. When I say I need help being patient, He gives it to me. But never in the way I was originally planning.
  • The temple is completion.
  • Sometimes even things you've waited your whole life for and want more than anything are hard to do.
  • LOVE IS A CHOICE. Not only that, but I've learned so much about what love--in all meanings to the word--really is.
  • If you really want to, you can make it work. ("It" being anything you want badly enough)
  • Sometimes the two best things in your life conflict with each other, and yet they're both good. Not only are they both good, they're both RIGHT, both things that were supposed to happen, that need to happen. And that's okay; even if the conflict between them is hard, if you're doing what you know is right, you just have to trust that everything will work out in the end and that you will be blessed and make it through.
  • A mission--to serve the Lord in Russia--is what I need to be doing this year. I wasn't supposed to be out in August. I was supposed to be in Provo this past semester. But I'm not supposed to put it off any longer. I'm supposed to go on a mission, and I'm supposed to go in 9 days, and I'm supposed to go to Moscow.

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