Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Updates

Hey look! I'm posting on my blog without you having to had wait a week!

The main thing that has happened since I last posted was that I officially got my internship. It's actually going to be super super chill. I will be working at Winzavod, a contemporary art center here in Moscow, translating their website into English (the current English version has some problems), running their Facebook, and taking some pictures at some big events. The "interview" took about 10 minutes tops and the woman told me that I could basically come in whenever I wanted for as long as I wanted, as long as it was at least 2 times a week for 2 hours a piece. I will probably try to put in more hours, but having the flexibility will be really nice. Most of the other interns will be working full work days, but this will give me plenty of time to see everyone and everything that I want to here, while taking other side trips basically whenever I want. But also kind of work-related . . . I had a job offer today! Kind of. A family from one of my areas called me, asked me how long I was going to be here, and were bummed that I was only here until August because they wanted to invite me to come teach English a few times a week at a school they were opening up in September. They even offered me free board. So that was flattering and very cool. Unfortunately, BYU still has claim on me until December.

Most of the last little bit has been spent getting to know my group. I've gotten to be especially good friends with Cheysi, my roommate and the only other girl on the program, and John. Cheysi is really funny and cute. John is hereby added to my group of redheads (I think I have an unusual amount of really good friends who are redheads. It just kind of happens)

Yesterday I got to see my trainer! She lives here in Moscow now with her husband, and I saw her for a little bit when she was in Utah for General Conference, but it was so nice to just get to walk around with her and then we went and ate dinner at a chain restaurant that we always joked about going to when we were comps. We both got sirniki, which was one of our favorite Russian foods to eat together. It was so great to be with her. I love seeing people around randomly--on the street, in institute.

Class is going fairly well. Yesterday I felt a lot better about my Russian than I did last week. I was a lot more comfortable just making mistakes and not comparing myself to the other interns. We have quite a bit of homework though (it doesn't help that I can never seem to focus on it for longer than 10 minutes at a time). It actually isn't that bad, and if I just did it, I could get it done faster. But tomorrow I was picked to give a presentation, so I need to go read 6 pages of statistics about migration in Russian and figure out how to present them. Out for now.

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