Saturday, May 11, 2013


Well. This is it. I'm in Russia.

My flights were pretty crazy. I slept most of the way to D.C, but once there my flight to Frankfurt was delayed by 2 hours. And the internet at the airport was really horrible. Oh well, because I got to play with 2 adorable Indian kids who were running around and were sooooo cute. The flight wasn't too bad. It's amazing how when a flight is only 8 hours and you sleep for 2, are sitting to a nice BYU Law student, and can actually watch movies (The Hobbit knocks out 3 hours), how fast the flight goes. Nevertheless, I was so ready to get off that plane and to run to my connecting flight, which I had 20 minutes to make. Unfortunately, Frankfurt airport is huge length-wise and it took me about 40 minutes to get to my gate. Luckily, a nice airport lady who was helping people find connecting flights told me this and told me where to go to rebook my flight. That was fairly painless and I just ended up chilling in Frankfurt airport for an extra 4 hours.

Finally, I was able to hop on the plane to Moscow. It was way funny--I was sitting next to this German guy going to Moscow to "make a party for 3 days." He immediately gave me a piece of gum and gave me half of his earbuds to play me some music. He was really funny and nice, if not a bit crazy. I was just laughing the entire time...until I went to sleep. I woke up right as we were descending low enough for my beloved Russia to come into view through the clouds.

Imagine the moment in your life where in that moment you would have done anything to change what you were doing right then, and it was so painful. For me, that was the moment I stepped onto a plane that would take me from Moscow to America, and when the plane started down the runway I just burst into tears and was bawling and wanted more than anything to get off that plane. Now imagine be able to do something that would eliminate at least a bit of that pain. THat was yesterday. I was almost crying from happiness and excitement. :)

Stepped off the plane. Went through the familiar passport control process, although it was different without my MTC group, haha. Found my baggage quickly and after trying to convince multiple taxi drivers that I did NOT need a ride or a phone to make a call, I ran into the guy who was picking me up. He had a taxi ready to take us to the academy. After that everything gets kind of blurry. I was super tired. It was hot and I crashed as soon as I got up to my room. About 3 hours later I woke up, and was going to run down to MacDonald's to use the internet (I don't have the password to the Academy internet yet), but it was dark and since I don't know the area I'm in very well yet and I'm also alone, I thought that it was best to not do that and to go exploring later. So I unpacked a little bit and went back to bed. I woke up naturally and feeling great around 6, finished unpacking and then came down here. I stopped to talk to the lady at the front desk and asked her a few questions I was confused about--she had mentioned some things the day before that I only vaguely remembered due to jet lag. But now everything is taken care of, and

Well, there's a run down of my adventures. They were actually quite exciting. Also, Lufthansa has pretty good food as far as planes are concerned. They also bring around hot wet wipes a few times in the trip, which is soooo nice. Anyway, now that the stores are open, I need to run and go buy some things (mainly shampoo) so that I can take a nice, real shower and then go see some of the people I love most at the Central Building! GAH I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I'M IN MOSCOW!

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