Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Sometimes I feel like there isn't a lot interesting to blog about, because really, life is just super normal but in the most awesome way possible. But I guess it's not normal for you, so here's a typical day for me.

If it's a Tuesday/Thursday, Cheysi and I usually wake up and scramble to get ready for class. Our classroom changes every day, and we don't know where it will be until Sunday or Monday. Remember, Russians hate planning in advance (not having phone plans, but instead adding money to your SIM card, not planning interviews until the interns are in the country, not having a set classroom schedule). Our teacher is Russian and very funny. She usually just makes fun of us when we speak Russian poorly. It usually goes about every other day for me--sometimes I feel really great at Russian and other days not so much. That is usually how it goes independent of class, but being in class for 3 hours at a time, and in the morning (you know me and mornings), just seems to escalate the extremeness of my abilities.

After class, I finish getting ready for the day and head off to work. It's about 45 minutes from the moment I walk out my door. It's about 3 minutes waiting for elevators, another 3 to the metro. Then I ride on the red line to one of three stations where I can transfer. I usually go all the way up to Chistie Prudi and then get on the green line to go one station down to Chkalovskaya. This way the transfer is shorter, I get a brief glimpse of one of my favorite stations (Srentenski Bulvar) and I end up right where I need to be. Today I discovered a short-cut to work. I actually really enjoy my walk. I will take pictures later (speaking of pictures, I didn't bring my camera since my battery is kind of permanently dead and only brought my iPod, but my iPod is now mostly dead. Luckily it will still take pictures). Turns out that I passed by Winzavod on the train very often when I was in my last area. Who'da thunk? At work, I sit at a desk and just translate for a couple hours. It's not my favorite thing to do--I'd rather do something with people, but I still enjoy it. It's like a puzzle.

At night, or on the days when we don't have class, I spend my time with John and Cheysi or my Moscow peeps and we walk around Moscow and it's great.

More later. Poka!

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