Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This summer I revamped my blog to its current format. I wanted something a bit rustic and vintage, but not too much either of those things. Mostly, it just needed to be simple, and I was really happy that I found/came up with what I currently have. But it also needed a new title. Before my mission it had names like "Custard Cremes and Milk" and "The Girl with the Blue Shoes." Then I came home and was "Baltushka" for a while. But I've changed a lot in the past years, and while I still love custard cremes and milk (oh, I love milk) and I still have and love my blue shoes and I still talk a lot, none of them fit anymore.

Hence "Unsung." Singing has been perhaps the one constant in my life. Singing and writing.
A definition for you: "not celebrated in song or verse; not praised or acclaimed or honored"
Some synonyms: neglected, overlooked, unacknowledged, unrenowned, forgotten, unacclaimed, undistinguised, unknown, unhailed.

Although you could (hopefully jokingly) argue that it's kind of become the first few in that list of synonyms (another definition: neglected--a blog that wasn't written on for 3 months), I wanted it to be more of the actual definition. You know, just about the simple things in life that people often take for granted or don't think about. That's kind of who I want to be. Yes, I want to make a difference in the world. Yes, I want to change people's lives. But I don't want any honor or glory. I mean, a little recognition is nice, but it really doesn't matter. I just love people, and that's why I do it. I'm fine being unsung.

But I also love singing and writing and telling and hearing these stories of the unsung heroes and things in life. Perhaps that's the real reason I renamed my blog to "Unsung." It's a place for me to sing the songs that are currently just empty notes on a page, waiting for someone to come and discover them and give them a voice.
  • stThis is kind of what I wanted my blog to be. A simple place for me to talk about 

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