Sunday, December 21, 2008


After a long adventure involving a 2-hour drive through a snow storm to the SLC airport, parking Lisa's car and having a minor altercation with a grumpy old man, getting lost at two different exits trying to find food ("This is it! This looks familiar! Oh wait, no. This is [enter explanation of why this exit looks familiar]" said Lisa...twice...), really good frozen custard, and then another 3 hours in the car AFTER my ETA in Twin, I finally returned home to my beloved Twin Falls!

Okay, so Twin isn't always beloved, but it's nice for the moment. Except for the fact that my little brother is reading over my shoulder, but you isn't perfect.

Being home is nice. Christmas shopping consists of the place where liars go. I love Christmas itself and the Christmas season but the shopping is unproductive and annoying and crowded and dumb. But I love being with my family and with Lindsey and Chip. Tonight Chip and I hung out for the first time since Thanksgiving, but that wasn't very long then. It's more been since the end of the summer. We had so much fun, and then Linds joined us. Haha, Chip read some of my poems that Elizabeth found in my room that I thought I had thrown away (slightly embarrassing. they're a bit cheesy and she doesn't even know the story). Chip said they were good, but sad, which made me laugh, because I was kinda sad and depressed and lovesick and heartbroken when I wrote them, but I was just really hyper then.

On a completely unrelated note, yesterday Lindsey and I went to Stuart and TFHS to see teachers. Now that most of the teachers I used to visit at Stuart have retired, we just went to see Mrs. Goodrich, but she alone is enough to keep us occupied. I LOVE that lady. She, and her choir classes in junior high, changed my life. Then we went to the high school, bugged the seminary teachers and Cappy. All great guys. Except when Mr./Bro. Casperson is being bipolar and mad, but he was happy to see us "graduates." After having been a high school graduate for over a year and a half and having 3 semesters of college under my belt, that is still a weird sound: to hear me being called a "graudate." Oh well. I really wanted to go see Mrs. High though. She is probably one of the teachers who has influenced me most, and I love just talking to her. I wanted to talk to her about my Engl 291 class and how I'm going to England in the Spring and just about everything. I've wanted to talk to her for probably around 2 months now. And I get there and she had taken a personal day! Sad! I mean, Mrs. High definately deserves it, probably more than anyone, but I really wanted to see her. Oh well. I'll just have to come back home to visit again soon.

Anyway, I really need to go shower and go to bed. Maybe I'll write some more poetry. I haven't written any in months and I'm feeling in the mood since Chip-Amanda uncovered all the stuff I wrote at the beginning of the summer (aka the end of April when I came home after Winter semester). :) Goodnight friends!

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