Monday, December 8, 2008


Oftentimes this time of the collegiate year comes along with moans and groans of the students: finals. Classes are wrapping up and so all these big assignments are due, plus you have at least that one big test in each class, if not more than one (for example, I have 2 huge projects plus 3 tests in my German class). And so everything is really stressful, and I know that I at least sometimes think, "Why am I putting myself through all this?"

Now, you're probably wondering what this has to do with the New Testament. If you're a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you're probably familiar with a lot of modern scripture and revelation that has to do with the importance of getting an education, such as President Gordon B. Hinckley's the 6 Bs (Be Smart). But I've never really connected that with the New Testament before. Then I came across this scripture:

Matthew 11:29--Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

Not only does it promise rest, what every college student wants at this time of the year, but it prompts and urges us to "learn of [Him]." This reminds me of a talk I read at the beginning of the semester. It was by Elder Neal A. Maxwell, called "The Disciple-Scholar." One quote in particular stuck out to me:

For a disciple of Jesus Christ, academic scholarship is a form of worship. It is actually another dimension of consecration. Hence one who seeks to be a disciple-scholar will take both scholarship and discipleship seriously; and, likewise, gospel covenants. For the disciple-scholar, the first and second great commandments frame and prioritize life. How else could one worship God with all of one's heart, might, mind, and strength? (Luke 10:27.) Adoration of God leads to emulation of Him and Jesus: "Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am." (3 Ne. 27:27; see also 2 Pet. 3:11.)

As I reflect upon this message and tie it in with the above scripture, I become so thankful for BYU--a university run by the Church, where I can easily learn both things of the world and of the Lord and connect them to one another. Even more grateful am I for the opportunity I have merely to learn, even if it does cause me stress. I am grateful that the Lord has laid out a commandment to "learn of [Him]," which includes everything here upon the Earth. He is its creator, and as such, everything here testifies of Him. As we work hard to follow him, grow, and eduacte ourselves in the way of the world and the gospel, we will grow closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior, and we will be provided with comfort and rest.

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