Wednesday, December 17, 2008


5 down, 2 to go. I've taken 6 hours of tests so far this week and I still have another (approximately...) 2, plus studying for Music 101 and Deutsch odd-ends. THEN I have to pack for break. And clean my room. And defrost the freezer and clean the fridge and some other lovely things that I have to do for our uber-intense cleaning check, which is Saturday. After I leave for home. The freezer just better not re-frost itself in the two and a half days between when I clean it and when they check it. I am NOT paying $5 because they have checks AFTER I leave for home. As much as I love Provo, I am sick of this semester and just need a break from all my college friends and school work and such, and I need to go home to Twin for a while. My finals will be done tonight, and so there is no way in the entire earth that I'm staying until Saturday when I have a car to drive myself home to see my family and my very bestest friend Lindsey tomorrow. So yep. The end of my rant.

Finals really do suck though. Monday I spent all morning studying for my Engl 291--Early British Literature--final, which was at two that day. It was really hard. It's one of my favorite classes, and I've rocked the past two tests, but this one was really difficult. There's just so much information to know about literature in the Restoration-18th Century. It's crazy. Each of those tests always take me along time, because they're hand-written, short/long answer, but this one took me the full three of frantically writing almost the entire time. It was crazy! Then I did German for the rest of the night, to get ready for my oral and computer final for that the next stinkin' 7:45. I am NOT a morning person. At least I didn't have any 7 a.m. finals. Yesterday I also wasted more time than I should have. I watched a movie instead of studying for and then taking my New Testament final, so I woke up and took it this morning and did some shopping for Christmas/my mommy before tap. I also sold back books. I haven't even sold back my Music 101 book/CDs yet because I'm still using them, but I got $56 back! And that's not even selling back one of my anthologies that I want to keep and a few other books that I couldn't. Best haul yet, and I'm not even done yet. But yesh, just wrapping up the never-ending German before I go take my no-stress 251 final. Free response, only an hour, and only worth 10 points. It's great. Then I'll go home and finish more German and study for my Music 101 final. Almost done. The end is in sight. I can see the light. I can almost see Twin Falls. Okay, not really. But I'll be able to say that in hopefully 23 hours.

I hope the roads aren't bad. Last year it took my car (I wasn't driving, I rode with the Allans and Amanda) 7 hours to get from Provo to Twin when it usually takes 4. Oh, I hope it only takes 4...

The end.

No wait! Okay, it's been really exciting. Friday I got two pieces of missionary mail--a Christmas card from Elder Danny Smith and Elder Sterling Mason via Elder Smith, and a letter from Elder Matt Ivie, my 2nd cousin! It completely made my day. And THEN the next day I got a three page letter from my best friend/adopted brother Elder Garin Savage! And it gets better. Then yesterday I'm checking the mail and I got a letter from my dear Elder Scott Savage. Missionary mail is am besten! So 4 letters in 5 days, one of which they don't deliver mail. Life is good. And so are my missionary friends, by the way. I hope to get more letters soon. They always make my day.

Now the end. For real.

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