Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I cannot say that I voted for Barrack Obama. But I can say that today, January 20, 2009, is a great day in history.

I'm 19, a sophomore in college. Last Inauguration Day, I was a sophomore in high school, only 15. The one before that, the last time a new president was sworn in, I was in 6th grade. I didn't realize how great a day it was either of those times. I understood how big the elections were. But Inauguration Day always slipped under my radar. This year though, it has taken on a new meaning. I truly realize and appreciate this wonderful day. Part of it comes with the fact that I was able to vote and take part in this historic election. As an official United States citizen now, I am able to more fully appreciate and back our God-given government.

What other nation in the history of the world has peacefully switched power over 40 times? There is none but the United States of America. Each time it is repeated the significance grows larger. Yes, there have been wars. There have been disagreements over who is more fit to run the nation. Presidents have been killed, shot, slandered, and of course, not one of them has been perfect or has had 100% approval ratings. But for the majority of times, each president has given up his office willingly when the time has come and the people have accepted his service and awaited the term of another man, ready to give his all to the service of his country.

Also historical about this Inauguration Day especially is that Barrack Obama, a black man, is now the President of the United States. What a great day for our country. Someone I know said after Election Day, "I'm so proud our country could elect a black president. It's just a pity that it had to be Obama." I originally laughed at this. I didn't vote for Obama; many of his views I disagree with; in fact, many of them full-out scare me. But I recognize how significant this day is for our country. I also now fully support and pray for President Obama, even if I do not agree with all of his views. He is the person our country has elected. We should now, no matter our beliefs, rally around him, pray for him, that he will able to do what is right for our country, and respect at least the office of President of the US, even if we don't always respect the person in it.

I didn't support or agree with everything George W. Bush did in his term as Presidency. But I do respect him as a man. I believe that he is a good person, who loves our country and served it in the way he thought best. The same goes for Barrack Obama. President Obama may not have been who I thought was best to run this country. But I do believe he loves this nation and its people. I believe he is a good person, who will do what he believes our country needs. And although I might not fully agree with all he does, I will join our country in rallying around our new leader. President Obama is in my prayers.

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