Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today I felt a bit...blah. I wasn't enjoying either of my English classes, which I usually love and I was on the brink of tears for no reason. I cheered myself up fairly well after class, but still something was up. So I decided I wanted to have fun later on. I got all my homework for tomorrow done (I'm still a bit behind in my reading, though). I ate dinner. I wasted some time. I did some reading. I helped Sarah study for her anatomy test--now I have all these different bone names running through my head, most of them that sound goofy and I don't know where they are. And now, when I'm free, no one else is around. I am no longer blah. In fact, I want to go do something! Very much! But no one is around or responding to my pleas for help or is able to do anything. It is a very sad day. I am unable to focus, friendless, with too much pent up energy that will not come out if I'm by myself. I am uninterested in the normal things I do when I'm by myself. I need to get out and do something with someone.

I am about to explode.


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