Monday, January 26, 2009

Deutsch, Dreams, und Designs

Hallo! Machmal denke ich nur auf Deutsch, weil ich meine Deutscheklasse jeden Tag haben!

Translation: Hello! Sometimes I think only in German, because I have my German class every day. And we speak only Deutsch (or are supposed to, haha) in class, so that's 5 hours a week, plus I'm supposed to speak for an hour outside of class (and usually do about 1.5 or 2). Then I'm supposed to listen for an hour each week. I usually find Disney movies auf Deutsch an YouTube or go see a Deutschen Film at the International Cinema (love that place). Plus I have a paragraph thingy to write each week and my daily assignments. So that adds up to at least 10 hours of German thinking a week, usually more around 13-15. So yep. Deutsch is taking over my brain. But that's probably a good thing. :) Right now I'm supposed to be studying for a test that I need to take today, but I've decided to take a little break and post!

I had one of the BEST dreams EVER last night. I can remember very few times that I've had a better dream than this (there have been a few, but not many), especially where I've remembered the dream when I woke up. Last night I dreamed (or traumte, as my German-brain wanted to say) that a very fun and attractive boy--who I do like (a lot, actually), and always enjoy talking to--came to my house in Twin Falls and took me on a date and it was the best night. Not that I've been on many dates this one has had to beat, but still. And yes, I know I'm pathetic. I don't care. I've been really happy all day, even though I know that this dream is in no way real and will probably never be real. :)

Lastly, my roommate and I have decided to make some changes. This past week neither Sarah nor I were really productive. Last night Sarah asked me to remind her to do some things and so our life overhaul got underway. We are helping each other to become better. We're keeping modified missionary hours: 10-6. Of course, we realize that due to some late classes and the fact that we are college students and the like, going to bed at 10 might not always be possible. But if we aim for it, we'll get to bed as early as we can. :) And we're waking up every morning. This is something I'm going to have a really hard time with. I am quite possibly the worst morning person ever, but I really want to change that. This morning I didn't quite get up at 6. I got up around 6:20, and then ended up taking a 20-minute nap around 7:15. haha. But our plan is to get up and start our day off with scripture study, get ready, do homework, go to classes and stay on campus until dinner time (and then possibly going back up) so that we can get everything done, writing in our journals every night, and then picking up our room. Those last two will be really good for me too. I used to write in my journal every night. I did for about 3 years and then senior year hit me. Right now I have some notes/entries just not in the journal/things that I need to write/transfer in the actual journal from the past few months. I just need to catch up and get in the habit again. And if you've ever seen a bedroom of mine (or roomed with me...) you'll be very grateful that I'm trying to improve that too. My apartment is not messy. Only my bedroom gets trashed. And I'm tired of it.

Yep. So that's life in a nutshell right now (minus my amazing English classes and stuff. I'll write about that tomorrow perhaps). I'm rather pleased that it could all be alliteration for the title. It makes me happy. I guess I could have also used "German, [Dreams], and Goals" but actually not because I can't think of a synonym for Dream that starts with a G. And neither can (my best friend!) either. Sad day. But not. :)

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Bethany said...

Good luck with your goals Rachel... and yeah for great dreams that you remember!! I saw your Dad the other day at work- it was great to hear how your were doing. I hear your going to Europe for a couple of months? So much fun.