Friday, February 6, 2009

John Bennion Moment

I'm really exhausted. All week I've been tired, but last night I didn't get much sleep anyway, and it was restless. Because about 22 hours ago I had a John Bennion moment.

John is my British Novel professor who is taking our group to England in the spring. I can't wait. But he is phenomenal. He makes you think and ponder--raises more questions than he answers and teaches you to look at texts in a completely different way to discover yourself and others in a whole new light. AMAZING. No other word for it. If you're at BYU and taking English classes, I highly recommend him.

Anyway, we just finished Pride and Prejudice and I've been waiting for this explosive moment for a while. It finally came. I had been looking at it the right way; it's not just a story, but an exploration of people and whatnot, but I just needed the right prompt. Kudos to Kylie for her discussion question that got my wheels turning. And they've been going ever since. I might post my paper up here when I'm done with it, but right now I have no idea where it's going. Or even starting. I have so many questions and thoughts and ideas and experiences I could tie in and EVERYTHING IS EVERYWHERE AND I NEED TO MAKE IT ALL FIT AND ALL THESE THOUGHTS ARE SO GREAT! AHHHHHHHH! I love being an English major. I love moments like this. So much. My head hurts, but in a good way. :D

I just wish they didn't make me so tired.

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