Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Full Day #2

Todays highlights: We started the day with breakfast and a brief lit class where we talked about Copenhagen, a play we're singing tomorrow night, and Twelfth Night. Then we hiked to the castle, and explored there. And then for lunch we went to ELEPHANT HOUSE!!!! AHHHH! HARRY POTTER!!!! JK ROWLING!!!! My favorite place. So good. Food=excellent. And Harry Potter goodness. Sigh. Life is great. Then we hiked Arthur's Seat (Don't worry Tracy, we're on a hiking tour, of course we're going to climb Arthur's Seat) and explored some ruins and sat by a swan pond. I helped make dinner and then we walked clear across town (we've done so much walking today. It's been so exhausting. Just being on our feet. I don't even know how far we've walked) to a Scottish Family's home that Bentley knew and we heard highland folk tales and bagpipes and learned Scottish songs and dances. We sang a couple hymns for them (they're not LDS) and it was just a great way to start the trip, there sharing our culture with them and becoming a family with each other and them. The people here are all great. We got lost on the way to this house (it was seriously like an hour walk) and so we asked a very sweet old lady for directions who asked us what we were doing and Jamie and Isabell were so nice.

TOmorrow's kind of a free day full of museums. Check out the group blog It's pretty sweet. Now it's off to shower and go to bed!

btw, my suitcase came today. HOORAY FOR CLEAN CLOTHES!

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