Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Believe in Fairies. IN LONDON!

It has been a most eventfull 2-ish days since I last posted. WOW. I AM IN LONDON!!!! I love love love love love love love it. :D And everything between now and when we left Bath has been wonderful.

Yesterday morning (which seems like ages ago), we hung out in Bath wandering for a couple hours and then drove to Stratford. Since we had already seen basically everything there, we hung out, wrote our thought papers that were due that day (can you believe we actually did homework? I can't...), Christine and I ate dinner at a cute cafe called the Food of Love, and then we went to see the RSC perform As You Like It.

So great. So fun. That is Shakespeare. LOVED Jacques. And Orlando and Oliver. And Touchstone. And the entire company, basically. They were both brilliant and attractive. I loved the winter changing to spring pastoral. And Rosalind really looked like a man. Or Orlando Bloom--if he looks like a man. lol. Anyway. We were all thoroughly enjoying it and then at the very end of the last scene, when the brother of Orlando and Oliver comes in to announce the Duke's conversion, an alarm starts going off and the whole Courtyard theater has to evacuate into the drizzle outside. Actually quite fun, and we were right by the cast. I wanted them to sign my programme, but some girl got to the attractive men first and then they went back inside. :( But we got a picture with them! (Kind of). As die-hards, we went back in for the last couple minutes, which was definately the right choice. 1) It's the RSC. 2) Rosalind improved her own Epilogue for us, a once in a lifetime thing (which Katy A. magically recorded on her iPod), about how we were evacuated. So great. So fun. We all left just dancing and singing and giddy and happy. AHHHHH.

Then we drove to London and got there at about 1 a.m. and had to cram 20 girls into one room. It actually wasn't as bad as it sounds.

Today we ate breakfast and had class, but were all really anxious to get out of the hostel here in Holland Park and into the city, since we all were asleep last night when we got here and it was way too late to go out and do anything. Our first stop was High Street Kensington. AKA the tubes. I think I've got them all figured out. All you need is your pass and a destination. :) Unfortunately, a tube strike started tonight so we'll be taking the bus for a few days, but soon we'll be back underground. Anyway, we went to Westminster Abbey first. When we walked out of the underground and saw Big Ben rising up above us we all got really giddy. Well, I did. :) I kept having to look back at it to make sure that it was still there and that I really was/am in London. The Abbey was beautiful too. I really enjoyed it. Not so much the building, like the other cathedrals/abbeys/churches we've been too, but for the history and the people. Queen Elizabeth I's tomb. And Poet's Corner. Loved Poet's Corner. Sigh. It was like stumbling upon a graveyard/memorial to friends. And finding random musicians' graves. Like Handel. I sang the Messiah (well, in my head, at least) standing on George Frederic Handel's grave. And Henry Purcell. And Clementi is even buried in the cloisters.

After that we walked to Trafalgar Square and ate lunch there. Some guy got mad at us for feeding the pigeons when we weren't at all. WE LIKE FOOD. Why would we give it to the stupid birds? Other people were eating lunch too...

Then we went to the National Gallery, which I loved. But I'm running out of time, so I can't talk much.

Tonight about 9 of us went to see Peter Pan. In a Pavillion. In Kensington Gardens. PHENOMENAL. I loved every second of it. 360-degree panoramic projected scenes. Awesome stage. Brilliant actors and the music and the flying and the choreography in the air...it was beautiful. And it's just a great story anyway.

At the play, we ran into a bunch of girls from the London Center. They were asking us about all our good times, and we were thinking, "You think you've had fun...well...our trip rocks the socks off yours." :D

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