Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday ended up being crazy. I loved 39 Steps. Hysterical. It was nice to just laugh and not really think deeply about anything. Then I met up with the group I was seeing War Horse with, but it was sold out, so we didn't get to see it. We are all really bummed, because we won't be able to see it now and it was one of the shows that we had all heard was wonderful and that we should see. :(

Anyway, we decided that we'd try to go see Les Mis instead because we still had an hour and a half before it started and then we could maybe try to do War Horse again on Tuesday--which was when we were originally planning on seeing Les Mis. They were all sold out too, and said that they had been all sold out (and therefore hadn't had student concession tickets) for the past 2 weeks and it probably would continue that way for the next 5. So a couple of us bought tickets to go see it then, for more than we were expecting/wanting to pay, but still reasonable. I'm very excited. I know, I know. I've already seen Les Mis. But it's been 6 or 7 years, and it's one of my favorite shows in the entire universe and I came here saying that I was going to see it. I had it all worked out that I'd get to see it, plus all the new shows I wanted to see, but dumb being sold out. :( But I do get to see it and we actually have fairly good seats. :D

Um, afterwards Syd, Sammy, Matt, Janet and I went to Pizza Hut. We wanted the unlimited softserve for £3. And their machine was broken. Dumb. It just wasn't working out for us last night. But we did have fun, even if we did have to cut out a show and dish out more £s for tickets than we wanted to. And afterward dinner I headed over to the Tate Modern for a little bit, since I didn't get to spend any time there before and I really wanted to. Modern art has definately grown on me a lot in the past year and I could have spent much much longer than the hour I spent there. That's alright though. It just gives me an excuse to come back one day.

Church this morning was over in a building just a couple blocks south of Kensington Gardens and Royal Albert Hall, across from the Science Museum. I love walking to church, with the bus in the middle. Katie P. described it as like when you're in the airport and step onto those moving walkways and keep walking. You move twice as fast. You walk to the bus, hop on, hop off, and suddenly you're down the street. lol. Others waited until later in the afternoon and went to the Spanish Branch that we're putting the fireside on for tonight, but considering I don't speak any Spanish, I figured I should go to the English ward, which actually had quite a lot of Americans. I don't really like listening to Americans talk now. It's really weird. I don't mind the group's voices because I talk to them all the time, but I just expect to hear a British voice when others talk and when it's not it's very jarring.

I need to go semi-pack my suitcase. it's been exploded for far too long and I need to find a way to get everything to fit in my little bag until Mom comes with my bigger one. Plus we have our fireside soon, plus plays every night from now until Wednesday night and we leave Thursday morning, so...yeah. Crazy. I can't believe the program ends on Saturday. Less than a week left with these wonderful people. This was my last Sunday going to church in England. I'll still be here next week, but I don't think Mom and I will be going to church. AH. I am kind of getting ready to go home though. I know if I had a regular bed and hadn't been living out of a suitcase for two months and had more than 5 real shirts (read: non-hiking shirts, and one of them is long-sleeved and another is really just for church), I'd feel differently, but it's time to re-expand my wardrobe again. And not pay for internet.

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