Saturday, June 13, 2009

Street Where the Riches of Ages are Stowed...

This morning, I headed off through Holland Park and then down to Portobello Road. Insert the Disney song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks here. :) I loved it. Spent way too much money (but also got lots of stuff that was for a good price) and had lots of fun. One of my favorite parts of today so far though has been when I bought a huge glass of lemonade for 50p from 3 cute little girls off the sidewalk on the way to Portobello Road. They were so adorable and reminded me of me and Lindsey and our lemonade stand escapades, so what was I supposed to do? Pass them by? :)

Yesterday whirl-winded by. Dickens Museum (Yay Charlie Dickens. Carpe Agnes!). Soane's Museum (to see the Hogarth paintings...woot!). British Museum (which I'm going back to spend much much more time in with my mommy). Platform 9 3/4 (yes, some of us are Harry Potter obsessed and had way too much fun taking this detour to King's Cross). And I ended the day with a journey with Janet over to Trafalgar Square and the London Colliseum to see the English National Opera perform Madame Butterfly. My only complaint is that it was an English Translation, not in Italian, but other than that it was fabulous. Visually gorgeous and Cio-Cio-Shan was fantastic.

Other Productions I've seen since I last posted: All's Well that Ends Well and Billy Elliot.
On the Agenda for today: the 39 Steps and War Horse

Anyway, I know I haven't told you nearly anything of what's happened, but I'd much rather be making memories than telling you about them and I only have 2 minutes left on this computer, so...cheers!

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tracy said...

You are going to love 39 steps. It's hysterical. And War Horse was probably one of my favorite plays. It's absolutely enchanting. I'm so glad it's still playing.