Tuesday, June 30, 2009

...The good times? The...times?

Current location: Twin Falls, Idaho, United States of America

Current emotion: Bland (Lauren's brother: "Oh, I love bland.")

Current work: I'm back at DownEast Basics. They have a new computer system, so I was trained on most of that today. Um. I got a raise. a $0.25 one. Plus a shnazzy new job title: Shift Leader. I'll be one of three people with keys to the store. Oh yeah. We're opening a store in two weeks. So no more kiosk-ing. Hoo-ray. It'll be very awesome, on so many levels.

Current ward: Twin Falls College 2nd Ward. Should be great fun. Seriously. Not quite as awesome as traveling around to different wards in England with my "family," but all good things must come to an end, and I suppose I actually have to have some constancy in my life eventually. Like right now. I was really worried about church on Sunday because Lindsey's still up at school in Rexburg, but there were lots of people that I knew there--a lot more than I realized were here in Twin and going to that ward, including some I hadn't seen for years since before missions or just in a really, really long time.

Current home: I get home for the summer and it seems like everything is different than when I just visit. You would think that since at Christmas I wish break would last for 2 months, that I'd be perfectly fine living at home for 2 months during the summer. Hopefully that'll be the case, but for some reason it's very hard for me when I live at home now. In the past week, I've already had moments that have reminded me of last summer. And no one, I repeat NO ONE, wants to repeat last summer. We'll see how it goes. Also, I hopefully won't miss England (or mostly the people there, who are no longer there) too much.

Current regrets: That I'm not carrying around my journal 24/7 anymore. That I haven't gotten the oil changed in Emerson yet, when I should have months ago.

Current excitements: Um. I got home and had a letter from Elder Dodds, a letter from Elder Davis, 2 letters from Elder S. Savage, and in the days since I've been home I got a very long letter from Elder Mason and a letter from Elder Allan. And I'm expecting in the next few days a very long letter from Elder G. Savage, hopefully. Also, I start piano lessons in the morning. I have the house to myself, just me and my dad, for an entire week. And I get to see Lindsey, my best mate, for the first time since March tomorrow.

Current book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. British version. I love reading the British version because I know many of the words and phrases now that were changed for the American version, and if I don't...well, I know the American version well enough to figure it out. Any suggestions for when I've made my way through to the end?

Current destination: Bed.


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