Thursday, July 2, 2009


Because I'm missing my England family and the whole England experience of always being intellectually stimulated and always pondering, and also because going to work at DownEast again makes me feel like I'm going back to last summer and that England was a dream, which makes me kind of hate being in Twin Falls, I'm going to write a list of things that I love.

I love: when my best mate comes to town, laughing for 30 minutes for no reason and having the time of your life just sitting in the kitchen drinking milk with your best mate, Pixar movies, lightning, getting letters from missionaries, missionaries' family members who forward weekly emails or post them on blogs, rain, my Dad, forming my own opinions, free thinking, watching movies just for entertainment, watching movies that make you think, thinking a good thought that isn't too intellectually strenuous when you're watching a movie that you just expect to be fluff, reading friend's blogs, smiling, singing Defying Gravity and the top of your lungs with two best friends in the Winco parking lot before buying ice cream, writing letters to missionaries, reading Harry Potter, reading in general, looking through England and Lit pictures on Facebook, milk, waffles for breakfast, scrunchies, crossword puzzles, sudoku, good dreams, falling asleep after a long day, and the last one for tonight is: really, really, really awesome friends, whether they're your best mate who's just home for the weekend, an "older brother" who's currently on a mission, your soul mate, or just someone who is wonderful who you haven't seen for a while but was just randomly thinking of.

The end. Cheers!

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