Monday, July 20, 2009

Sitting Pretty

You know you've worked at DownEast Basics too long when...

You know that the shirt you're wearing is called "The Sitting Pretty Top" in Fig and it also comes in Turtle Green.
You've started almost answering your cell and home phone "DownEast Basics; this is Rachel."
It bugs you when your shirts at home aren't folded the "right" way and when the tags on shirts in other stores stick out it drives you insane.
At last count, over 60 DownEast shirts filled your closet. And that was a couple months ago.
Your manager starts dating someone in the summer. You leave town to go back to school and when you come back to work again the next summer, they're married.
All you ever seem to say is "Hi! What can I help you find today?" and then go on to explain the current promotion.
You hate much of what the company does and wish you made more and wish your discount was higher, and yet you can't bring yourself to quit (although this might just be because I need the money...)

All this after 4 months there last summer and 3 weeks so far this one. Oh wow. :) I'll probably transfer down to Provo this year. Oh, DownEast Basics...why is our relationship so full of love, so full of hate?

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