Friday, July 17, 2009

Things I'm Thinking Right Now

My lower extremities hurt. I feel worse than I did after I had spent the day hiking 17 miles and then standing at the Bronte museum. AKA I think I'll wear my hiking boots to work tomorrow for another 7 hour shift of standing and running around the store.

I never want to work directly with my manager again.

Heehee. Giggle.

I want to see my best mate. And Lisa. And Amandas. And Camille. And Christine. And I want to work with Julie.

I'm Harry, Harry Potter.

I want ice cream. And dark chocolate digestives.

I miss talking like Chris Bennion.

When I'm this tired, I can sleep anywhere.

I want letters. I also need to write letters.

I want to go stargazing.

The end.


Amanda Hufstetler said...

Rachel. I think we should sleep on your or my trampoline sometime in the near future. Thusly we could fulfill two of your wishes on this blog. Seeing an Amanda, and stargazing. :)

Brandon & Melissa said...

Sorry your day was hard! I sure hope we didn't add to that at all...But you did a really great job at your job! You're so cute and way sweet! Totally loved seeing you! Have a good one and I'll ttyl!