Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011

It is so crazy that there's still so much snow in Utah and it's still so cold there. Here we have been burning up, and it's not even summer yet. However, I've realized that's because lots of my shirts are long sleeves, which will be great in fall and was great up until like 2 weeks ago. I just can't believe that it is already JUNE. I have been here in Russia for 2 months. Time flies, and yet at the same time, I feel like I've been here forever.

Elder Nelson comes in just a few days! Saturday he will be doing interviews for all the stake positions, and Sunday the first stake in Russia will be organized. We are all getting ready, obviously. We are almost done checking all the addresses on our branch lists (the best we can, obviously some people aren't home when we go check). The other day we walked probably about 6 miles in order to find out that one lady clearly didn't live there since the building had been demolished, and then to have 2 other "not home." The mission is at 109 new investigators. Sofia's baptism is scheduled for the 11th, although like I said, we're very worried about her. We see drunks all the time, but I actually have a really funny story about one this week. We were passing out English prigs and, to make a long story short, I was almost kissed by a bald, drunk Russian man. Yep. He was arguing with some slightly drunk guys who were talking to us about English Club and then he just kind of reached out and grabbed me and tried to kiss me! Not a very pleasant experience, but definitely a funny, good story. I also stumbled into a telephone pole yesterday while talking to one of our Elders...yeah. I'm REALLY coordinated and alert. Although C. X and I have started running 3 times a week. Not really any amazing miracles this past week--just little ones, like people being home when we check addresses and whatnot. But this weekend will have such a great miracle, so... :)

That's about all for this week I think. Next week, I will have awesome stories about the historical day in Moscow when the first stake in Russia was organized, our missionary meeting with Elder Nelson, and hopefully other miracles about the work here in Moscow! The church is true!

Sister Rachel

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