Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

Hi Mom and Family! This week has been crazy and super fast!

It started off with transfers! C. X and I were joined by Sister Mordwinow, who is from California, but her grandparents are German and Russian. She is awesome; loves musicals and singing and the three of us have had a ton of fun so far. It has been interesting having 3 people in our tiny apartment, but it hasn't been bad. Then we had our visa trip to Kiev. It was great to be with my MTC group again and we had lots of fun. The best part though was the temple. It was so wonderful to be able to go--being in the temple just made me want there to be a temple in Moscow for the Russian saints so badly. One day. It was so spiritually rejuevenating as well. Plus we ran into a ton of people--I love how small the Mormon world is, especially in Russia. We met a brother of one of the sisters serving in our mission there, as well as a previous sister who is acutally now living in Moscow (so we see her all the time anyway), Bonnie's cousin who's serving a senior mission there, and a friend of C. X. But just being able to sit in the Temple was so wonderful. It's a tiny, but beautiful, temple. Plus, it was really interesting having translation headphones during the session. Sunday I played piano in just about every meeting for every song. I even played for music time in Primary, which might become a regular thing. Let me tell you, for only having 4 kids, our ward has a rowdy primary. :) 

The work has been going great though. It's been kind of slower, but yesterday all of our lessons went really well. The 3 of us each kind of headed one, and after each one, they said it was just what they needed to hear. It is always nice to know that the Lord is using you to touch people's lives, whether it's investigators, less-actives, or active members. And I'm feeling a lot more confident about things and talking to people now, especially after the temple. But things are happening. Yesterday we were buying some water in a grocery store very quickly, and a man looked at my tag and started gesturing at it, wondering what it was, so I started talking to him, and we gave him some church and english prigs. He wasn't very interested in the gospel, more just curious as to why in the world I had this black thing on, but things like that happen all the time and that is where it starts. English Club is so great--we had some great times English prigging this week. I know so many people who have come to the Church through English Club.

The weather this week started out cooler and rainy and now it's burning hot, and sticky. It's very interesting to see what the weather will be like. I would love more short-sleeved shirts, preferably cooler ones, and not really like the ones we bought when I was coming. I can wear pretty much any nice shirt that I can put a tag on. Maybe you could just go through some of the clothes I already have at home. 

For a package, like I mentioned, maybe some summer shirts--something light and pretty that isn't button up and that is fitted and makes me look like I have a shape and am not just a fat blob. CDs! Please send me CDs. Classical, anything churchy, maybe some musicals--like Les Mis. Foundation: Mineral Powder, Beige 1, from Helen. Email me pictures. Just anything that you want to send me. C. X wants to know if you can send her a White DownEast shirt--just a wonder tee, small. She'll be gone by the time the package gets here, but she'll be back in Moscow in August, so it'll hopefully be here by then. 

Well, I hope you all have fun in Nauvoo! When you stop in Winter Quarters, please say hi to a Sister Jessie Hawkes for me if you see her in the Visitor's Center. She has long curly brown hair and was my roommate and I love her. Also, maybe Sister Julie Warner, but really I don't know if either of them are in the Visitor's Center there right now. I hope Cari gets to come with you and that everything works out and that works great. I am praying for her. And you never sent a link for that article, but I looked it up online quickly and found it. Yep. :) I know all those missionaries, except the ones from like 10 years ago. But all the other ones I know--Sister Jones, the one mainly quoted in the article is great. It is crazy to be seeing all the missionaries I know in these pictures. 

Anyway, that's about it. Have fun, be safe. Love you all.

Sister Ashby

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